The Seven: best FMVs in the Final Fantasy series

In this article, we take a look at the seven best full motion videos (FMVs) in the Final Fantasy series.

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Square Enix look to Kickstarter model

In this week’s roundup: Square Enix want to make profit games are released; the President of their American division moves on; a new and obscure sidequest in Final Fantasy IX is discovered; plus lots from our forum.

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Final Fantasy VIII to get PC rerelease

In this week’s roundup: Final Fantasy VIII will be released on the PC again; Cloud’s Buster Sword recreated in real life; Final Fantasy III OUYA gameplay; plus lots from our forum.

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Hello again, listeners of’s recent venture into podcasts! We’re proud to present our second episode, which you can also now find on iTunes – just search for Podcast! This time, we’ve got forum members Pixel, Ryushikaze, Carlie, and

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Final Symphony: a Review by Tetsujin

“Final Symphony” – a celebration of the music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X attended by Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu – played in Wuppertal, Germany on May 11th. The music is arranged to tell the story from each

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Final Fantasy X-2 HD screenshots released

In this week’s roundup: screenshots of the HD remake of Final Fantasy X-2 surface; Final Fantasy V for iOS reviewed; one player’s adolescent experience of Final Fantasy VII; plus lots from our forum.

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Advent Children and Episode Denzel scripts added to TLS resources!

We are proud to present the labor of site member Morello, who took on the task of compiling the English script from Advent Children, Advent Children Complete and the animation Episode Denzel. All of these can now be found in

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