“FFVIIR Cloud” Twitter Account Created from Old G-Bike Account

Square Enix’s official G-Bike Twitter account which originally had the handle of “FFVII_GBIKE” has been renamed to “FFVIIR_CLOUD”. It’s interesting to see the “FFVIIR” being used officially in distinction to the previous “FFVII” of the G-Bike account. Additionally, a new profile bio

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Hajime Tabata Resigns from Square Enix

During the recent livestream to celebrate Final Fantasy XV’s two year anniversary, it was announced that Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy XV, had resigned on October 31st. Along with his departure, it was announced that three of the four

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‘Various developments’ may accompany the FFVII Remake

Tetsuya Nomura hints at possible peripheral developments around FFVII Remake’s release

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