TLS Presents: “Case of Tifa” Audiobook

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The third TLS Audiobook, our second release of an On the Way to a Smile Novella has finally been released: On the Way to a Smile: Case of Tifa. The Audiobook is availble for you to be able to download in MP3 format for easy listening and transportation at the link below.

“On the Way to a Smile: Case of Tifa” (Right Click to Save As)*

You can listen to the video directly on the site, by clicking on the Streampad banner at the bottom of the screen, or for those who prefer to go through the story in segments, we have also uploaded the video on YouTube. The first of the YouTube segments can be found at the bottom of the news post, and the rest of them can be viewed by clicking “Read the rest of this entry” at the bottom of the article. As always, we hope that you enjoy this presentation, and all the hard work that went into bringing it to you, and look forward to your comments.

Length – 50 minutes 32 seconds

Written by Kazushige Nojima
Original Translation by XComp
Produced and Narrated by Joseph Knight
Featuring Music by HypochondriacPiano

Christina McBride as Tifa Lockhart
Strykinglight as Cloud Strife
Rinrinorikuriku as Marlene Wallace/Aerith Gainsborough
PsylentKnight as Barret Wallace
Elephantologist as Elmyra Gainsborough
Michael Lloyd as Sephiroth

‘Tifa’s Theme’ – Piano Arrangement by HypochondriacPiano
‘The Promised Land’ – Piano Arrangement by HypochondriacPiano
‘Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII’ – ACC Piano Version by Kazuhiko Toyama
‘Anxious Heart’ – Piano Arrangement by Matt Wilson
‘Cloud and Tifa’s Love Theme’ by HypochondriacPiano
‘Beyond Midgar’ by BogusRed at OC Remix
‘Cloud Smiles’ – Piano Arrangement by HypochondriacPiano
‘The Maiden Who Travels The Planet’ by HypochondriacPiano
‘Sunshine’ by Takeharu Ishimoto

All characters and scenarios copyright © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

YouTube Part 1


YouTube Part 2

YouTube Part 3

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  1. Sloppygegger
    #1 Sloppygegger 18 November, 2010, 17:31

    :3 yay I was waiting for this

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  2. AMB Cloud
    #2 AMB Cloud 18 November, 2010, 17:33

    Same, can’t wait to listen to it when I get home 😀

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  3. Ryushikaze
    #3 Ryushikaze 18 November, 2010, 19:16

    The Audio file can now be listened to via the streampad application at the bottom of the page. The direct link will be working shortly.

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    #4 X-SOLDIER Author 18 November, 2010, 19:26

    The link is now up and running. Thanks for you patience everyone!


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  5. Shina
    #5 Shina 18 November, 2010, 20:14

    Well the link is not the audiobook that said it is.
    Is not Case of Tifa,is Case Of Denzel Audio Commentary

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  6. LordJimBob55
    #6 LordJimBob55 18 November, 2010, 20:41

    the link is to the ‘case of denzel’ commentary not the ‘Case of Tifa’

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  7. Ryushikaze
    #7 Ryushikaze 18 November, 2010, 20:49

    Yes, sorry about that folks. We got some wires crossed uploading the file, but should have it or an interim download location up shortly.

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    #8 X-SOLDIER Author 18 November, 2010, 21:26

    Should be up for REAL this time.


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  9. Suteki18
    #9 Suteki18 18 November, 2010, 21:57

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this one since I’ve heard about the audiobook project ^^ Awesome work!

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  10. ForceStealer
    #10 ForceStealer 19 November, 2010, 02:26

    That was fantastic, I really liked it. Great work guys, all of you, and especially Pixel for putting the time to put it all together,

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  11. Tifabelle
    #11 Tifabelle 19 November, 2010, 03:24

    Woo! I’ve been waiting for this! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to hear it! I absolutely love the artwork too! Kudos to the artist.

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  12. ffsuperfan
    #12 ffsuperfan 19 November, 2010, 10:41

    Yeah, finally XD Thank guys ! I’m so excited right now <3

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  13. ffsuperfan
    #13 ffsuperfan 20 November, 2010, 12:03

    You guys must have put a lot of hard works into COT. Thanks so much for making this XD The voices are so perfect, especially Tifa’s so please send my thank to all of them. It was so heartfelt and a bit sad when listening to this, i shed a few tears :p. Will you make another Case ?

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    • Pixel
      Pixel 20 November, 2010, 18:35

      oh yes, Case of denzel is up next 😀 All the voice work is recorded. just need to narrate and mix it 😀

    • ffsuperfan
      ffsuperfan 22 November, 2010, 05:22

      REALLY ?? YAY !!!! XD

  14. Dante
    #14 Dante 21 November, 2010, 04:02

    Amazing good job. Many thanks to all cast and contributors. You guy did a wonderful job. Keep going. Thank you very much

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  15. Vincent
    #15 Vincent 21 November, 2010, 16:02

    You guys just made my day! I’ve been waiting since I heard about your project, and the wait is well worth it!

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  16. SkyGrinderomnislash7IV
    #16 SkyGrinderomnislash7IV 21 November, 2010, 17:02

    They need to make a special out of this like Case of Denzel

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  17. kimmik
    #17 kimmik 23 November, 2010, 08:34

    yaaay cant wait to listen to it! downloading the audio file now, got to go to Uni today but i shall listen when i get back! Thank you so much for these! 😀

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  18. kimmik
    #18 kimmik 23 November, 2010, 23:51

    Just listened to it! 😀 Brillaint once again! 😛 Cant wait for the next! Keep up the good work 🙂 Thank you!

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  19. Phi
    #19 Phi 24 November, 2010, 11:55

    Wow. Amazing work guys! 😀

    I was in bed last night. Couldn’t sleep. I suddenly remembered you guys had made this. Switched on the iPhone and started listening to it on YouTube.

    I had never actually read Case of Tifa so this was all new to me. 🙂

    Any idea what’s next, after Case of Denzel?

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    • Pixel
      Pixel 24 November, 2010, 12:13

      Think its case of barret… cant wait for you to hear Cids voice. its better than the trailer since he got a new mic.

      then yuffie, nanaki and shinra last… think thats all

      Im glad you liked it

    • Phi
      Phi 24 November, 2010, 12:15

      Wow, really? I actually thought Cid’s voice was dead on in the trailer! Haha. Can’t wait. 🙂

  20. Celes Chere
    #20 Celes Chere 27 November, 2010, 20:20

    OMG awesome work!!! I’m so super impressed with this. <3 You guys are great! This was always such a good idea. c: Thanks for putting it together guys. 🙂 Keep it up. ♥

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