The Lifestream: Open For Business

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Welcome to The Lifestream (.net), a new and (hopefully) original take on providing news, backgrounds and articles on the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, a series of games, movies and other bits of media you can spend your hard-earned cash on, based on the 1997 classic Final Fantasy VII, created by Square Enix.

On The Lifestream (, news, updates, articles, translations, story analyses, and anything else found relating even remotely to Final Fantasy VII or the Compilation thereof will be posted as soon as we hear about it, or as soon as you submit them to us. Discussing the news and articles is encouraged greatly – initially we’re not going to add a forum, since Every Other Final Fantasy Fansite always has a forum, offtimes with the exact same basic set of categories, ideas, ideals, and purpose. On The Lifestream, we want to focus on the site itself first, and build up a community based on that site and the articles thereon. Most other Final Fantasy sites seem to have their front page and forums almost completely separated – most people will say they mainly visit the forums, for example, when asked about their activity on a site, with the frontpage often visited only by random visitors. Often, the owners of such sites even admit that they see the frontpage merely as a way to attract new people to the forums.

We do not share these sentiments, and instead strive to create the best of both worlds – a community based on the content of the frontpage. We aim to involve our visitors with the site, by keeping an open staff policy – anyone who is willing to post news, articles, translations, or whatever is free to apply for a position on staff (More on our staff policy in another article – stay tuned for that) – and by inviting the visitors (i.e. you) to actively participate in discussions sparked by news and articles.

Putย http://TheLifestream.netย in your bookmarks, and check this site every once in a while to update yourself on the latest news concerning the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and other related news. Feel free to register a new account on here, so you can stay updated on the latest developments even easier.

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  1. S and G
    #1 S and G 6 October, 2008, 14:31

    @Shadow. The old Onion is just about my favourite place in the world. Except Sweden. But that’s a different story. I was actually in there on sat night. Stumbling about like the drunken fool that I am and rocking out to Scatman John. Cannie whack it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh, and 12-hour friday is much better. You should go then. I’ll be there all this year even though I have my degree as my student card is still valid. AMAZING!!!!!!!

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  2. Shadow
    #2 Shadow 6 October, 2008, 17:36

    Loool i love that Strathy accept any student card! I can use my cali one to get in (though i hafta pay ;___;)

    I work Friday nights otherwise i’d be there then too XD

    Though nothing will beat Rufus T’s ๐Ÿ˜€ great drink and banter :3

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  3. willsgb
    #3 willsgb 8 October, 2008, 23:01

    hey shadow debs, thanks for the info, and a crying shame; i thought it was a magnificent forum, and there are a great many posts and threads i wish to see again. ah well, hopefully this place prospers where that one burned the shit down!

    hey s & g, not bad thanks! looking for a job – again – and feeling ill every now and then – such as now lol – but otherwise i’m doing alright thanks. how are you? i’ve still not played crisis core you know, oopzlulz

    how is everyone else then?

    also, favourited this site, will be visiting regularly etc. muchos love to all, will xx

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  4. Arianna
    #4 Arianna 12 October, 2008, 05:15

    Yay! I finally got here… Thanks for the input Ravynne. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is Arianna. Glad to see some of the old gang is still around and working hard to bring the rest of us the news of FFVII.

    *waves* Lotsa love and hug going around. Take care everyone!

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  5. sephirothpaine
    #5 sephirothpaine 3 November, 2008, 09:40

    I wonder if anyone remembers melol.

    It’s been awhile since I stepped in a FF7site, hopefully a forums will be added soon.

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  6. Nancysing
    #6 Nancysing 9 November, 2008, 23:42

    After frantic Googling for ACF I found a site that directed me here. I’d only gotten active there in it’s dying days.

    I think I’ve found a new FF7 home- I mean site.

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  7. lonestar
    #7 lonestar 29 November, 2008, 14:53

    ^^ That’s funny. I’d found out about that site in its dying days as well. o_O I’ve said this already. But my, the name for this site is quite catchy.

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    • Cthulhu
      Cthulhu Author 29 November, 2008, 16:04

      Yes, and I don’t even remember how we got to it, but the domain name was still available (which is a rarity in the world of catchy names) so we took it.