Tifa Lockhart Character Profile from the Crisis Core Ultimania

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Here is Tifa Lockhart’s character profile translation, this time from the Crisis Core Ultimania, which details her appearance during the Nibelheim Massacre.

Tifa Lockhart
The Nibelheim girl who is waiting for a “blonde SOLDIER.”

Blood Type: B
Birthdate: 1987/5/3
Hometown: Nibelheim

Tifa lives in Nibelheim, and is a girl considered an idol among boys of the same age in the village. Being the local person who knows the details of the place, Tifa takes charge as the guide who’s going to lead Zack and the research group of ShinRa to the Reactor. During the time of being Cloud’s childhood friend, when Cloud said he aimed to be like Sephiroth and was about to leave the village, Tifa made him promise that “whenever she’s in a pinch, he’ll come and help her”. Since then, she’s looking forward to meeting “an excellent Cloud” again. Tifa starts to learn martial arts from Zangan, a traveler and also a grappler, during his stay in Nibelheim. Her good quality of well-built muscles is recognized by her master.

「 You’re the SOLDIERs who’ve come for the investigation? 」

Link to the FFVII Series

The only woman who knows Cloud’s past.

In FF7, Tifa is the only one who knows Cloud’s childhood, and furthermore, she holds the key to people involved in the story of Nibelheim’s burning down, which is also depicted in CC. She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC.

Believing in Cloud’s promise, Tifa’s waiting to see Cloud become a SOLDIER like Sephiroth. Tifa dresses herself in a pretty and sexy look. Does she do that to spirit up herself in preparing for a touching reunion?
[FFVII] Tifa becomes the only witness to Cloud’s blurry memory, and she also plays an important role in regaining his true self. [CC] Crisis Core leaves out some scenes such as Tifa facing the enemy who killed her father when Nibelheim was burned down, and the scene where she runs to avenge her father but was badly counter-attacked.


  1. Tennyo
    #1 Tennyo 11 December, 2008, 08:01

    Oh yes thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!!111 I’m so happy you are putting these up again! I’ve been waiting for this to return! It was kind of shitty when SY just up and ditched the site after all the hard work everyone put into this. I’m so glad it wasn’t lost. <3

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  2. cloti
    #2 cloti 17 May, 2009, 22:45

    cloti forever!!! why is most ppl going with cloudxaerith? CloudXXXXXXXTifa forever!!! cloud likes tifa but also have little feelings for aerith but he only see aerith as a mother figure. But he likes Tifa but was too shy to reveal it. Tifa is the only one who can ever get cloud out of his misery and thats why he needed her. And honestly aerith need to stick wid her man zack because its not right to like someone else who reminds her of zack. Because you no wat…nobody in the world is the same as the one you loved!!! cloti forever…(^-^)

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  3. cReo
    #3 cReo 18 September, 2009, 19:59

    i think, this answers the LTD…

    only fools will believe they are not in a relationship upon reading this..


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    • Vendel
      Vendel 10 December, 2009, 04:31

      Yes well……yeah.

  4. isabella
    #4 isabella 15 July, 2010, 21:34

    “She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC.”

    weeeeeeee >D *____*

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  5. Anna
    #5 Anna 4 October, 2010, 21:24

    Clerith fans just don’t get it…

    We can’t leave out the end of disk 2, either, where Cloud and Tifa share that romantic moment under the highwind. The original idea for this, as stated by Squaresoft, was for Cloud to walk out of the chocobo stable, with Tifa following a little after, looking around to make sure nobody saw. They felt it was too risque, and went for the highwind scene instead. Of course, Clerith fans may not have seen the romantic scene if they had worked on getting Aerith and Cloud together instead of Tifa. The reason for this is because, just like the date scene, the dialogue that is seen under the highwind is dependent on your choices.

    On they bring up that Cloud and Tifa’s relationship is strained in “Case of Tifa” and that just because cloud is living in the 7th Heaven with Tifa and the kids, it doesn’t mean anything because Barret was living there, too. While this may be true for a bit, Barret leaves shortly after the bar opens, so it’s not entirely correct. And there is the moment where Tifa asks Cloud if he loves her while he’s sleeping. The dialogue:

    “We’ll be all right, won’t we?”

    Of course, there was no answer. Only the sound of Cloud sleeping could be heard. Tifa wondered if the fact that he was sleeping here meant that he was part of the family.

    “Do you love me?”

    Cloud woke up, a dubious look on his face.

    “Hey, Cloud. Do you love Marlene?”

    “Yeah. But sometimes I don’t know how to approach her.”

    “Even though we’ve been together for sometime?”

    “Maybe that just isn’t enough.”

    “Even we aren’t enough for you?”

    Cloud didn’t answer.

    “Sorry for asking some strange things.”

    “Don’t apologize. It’s my problem.”

    Cloud closed his eyes.

    “Lets work hard together.”

    Cloud didn’t answer.”

    There is also this dialogue earlier in the novella:

    When Tifa and Cloud were alone, Cloud said to her, “It’s not like you to be troubled by your thoughts.”

    “It’s… Just the way I am.”

    “No. You’re much more cheerful and strong. If you’ve forgotten the way you were then, I’ll be there to remind you.”

    “You really will?”

    “Probably,” Cloud said blushing.

    Yes, they have problems in AC and in “On a way to a smile” but that was Cloud’s tortured soul over not being able to protect Aerith, and trying to separate himself from the people he loved because he was dying. All throughout FF7 he felt guilty for Aerith’s death. He beat the crap out of her at the Temple of the Ancients, and then he was almost the one to kill her in the Forgotten City, and couldn’t stop Sephiroth from killing her. He’s not separating himself from Tifa and everybody else because he loved Aerith, he felt guilty for her death!!

    And we mustn’t forget that Cloud was living Zack’s life in FF7 due to the Jenova cells, which made him mimick other people, being a “puppet”. That is why he showed interest in Aerith at the beginning. And he reminded Aerith so much of Zack, that she was fooled into thinking she loved him. They were friends, but it was ALWAYS Tifa that Cloud had a thing for, even when he was just a boy.

    CLOTI is true, Zerith is true….Clerith is not.

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    • shaoran
      shaoran 19 May, 2013, 17:39

      I super agree with you~! SQUARE ENIX wants the image of cloti on the first disc but you have to think of the story as a whole. It was stated that Yoshinori Kitase and Kazushige Nojima planned cloud’s past to be fabricated that he has a false persona. CLERITH will never get it for life.

      Even Aerith saw it during their ‘said date’

      “Cloud I wanna met you”
      “I’m looking for you”

      This is a hint that cloud is not himself and acting based on Zack’s fused memories. He had Tifa in his heart for sooo long that it traumatize him to look at her so shamefully when he failed to become soldier.

      It was also a hint in CRISIS CORE: loveless act 2: the more the hapiness goes the guilt grows more. He is unable to save both of his friends Zack and Aerith plus having to contact Geostigma when he plans on looking a cure for Densel.

      Pathetic to use ALL kinds of explanations to Aerith when the simple part is Cloud loves Tifa without using words their feelings unite! SOOO HAPPY!

  6. ffsuperfan
    #6 ffsuperfan 11 October, 2010, 11:16

    “She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC.” <3 YAY CLOTI !

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    #7 BANANOO 8 May, 2011, 04:55

    Tifa makes my skin crawl. She only wanted to know cloud after she found out he might become famous..:\

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    • Vendel
      Vendel 3 June, 2011, 09:14


    • Kyfas
      Kyfas 28 June, 2011, 22:14

      Yeah.. you didn’t get it at all.
      She didn’t care if he became famous or not. This is a typical case of only noticing something you like when you loose it. Cloud was going to leave the village and there were no certainties that we would make it to SOLDIER or how long it was going to take, only that it would probably be years. Only when she knew she was going to “loose” him (she didn’t know he was doing it to impress her) did she realize how much she liked him already. That’s why she made the promise with him. It was a way for her to ask him to please come back.

      On a side note, in case you were trolling (these days you never know xD), doesn’t matter because i’m sure a lot of people think what you wrote for real. xD

  8. CG
    #8 CG 5 October, 2012, 23:41

    Tifa and Cloud are together and love each other. People who like Cloud and Aerith see what they want to see and twist things so they see what they wish to see. Cloud and Aerith are just friends with a special friendship. That is all. Tifa was NEVER mean to Cloud when they were little. And it’s not that she didn’t notice him. She clearly did, but he was always very shy and Tifa was always surrounded by her friends. And people forget to include the human side of the entire thing. She was a KID. Little girls say things like “you’ll come and save me.” She was little. But yes, after he left, after they shared a special moment, of course she thought of him a lot. Tifa and Cloud had childhood puppy love that later blossomed into real love.

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    • Orah
      Orah 1 September, 2013, 19:40

      ” Tifa and Cloud had childhood puppy love that later blossomed into real love.”

      agreed! ^_^ but i still think that clouds “puppy love” was still truer than the boys who just wanted to get laid with her.

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