Possible Dissidia Sequel On Its Way

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In this week’s roundup: Possible Dissidia Sequel On Its Way; FFX/FFX-2 HD’s Western Release Date Confirmed; Skyrim’s Cloud Modplus the latest from our forum.

Possible Dissidia Sequel On Its Way (Via Siliconera)

20120724234748!Dissidia_LogoIn an interview with Japanese magazines this week, Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama, known for his work on the Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts series, along with The World Ends with You, shares his thoughts on wanting to make a new Dissidia, and to also do a special something for Chrono Trigger’s 20th anniversary.

“I want to make a new Dissidia, and we intend to do so. The people who’ve worked on the previous titles have also stated their desire to make a new one, too,” says Hazama.

“When you ask kids in their teens about their favorite Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Dissidia are more popular than the main-numbered series,” shares the producer, while mentioning that there are many who were still children when they first experienced playing Dissidia Final Fantasy.

During the interview, Hazama also mentions his talks with Yoshinori Kitase who revealed that the Dissidia series and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy were both key titles, responsible for introducing the series to a new generations of fans from elementary and middle school ages.

Additionally, the hit SNES title, Chrono Trigger, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in a little over a year. For the occasion, Hazama states his desire to connect Chrono Trigger’s original story writer, Yuji Horii (also known as the father of the Dragon Quest series,) with former Squaresoft producer and director Hironobu Sakaguchi, to create the “ultimate dot-art” game. However, he states that the hurdles are high and might be difficult to do.

Credits go to our member Captain Highwind for bringing this to our attention.

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FFX/FFX-2 HD’s Western Release Date Confirmed

In a recent trailer, Square-Enix has confirmed that the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD will be released in western markets in March 21st, 2014. Also, the cover has been revealed for “Final Fantasy X-2.5 – Eternal Cost”, a novel written by Kasushige Nojima, set three months after FFX-2. The novel will be released on December 26th, 2013. You may check the cover here.

Credits go to our members Tetsujin and Strangelove for bringing these news to our attention.

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Skyrim’s Cloud Mod

When there’s an RPG which envolve a character creation, it doesn’t take very long until someone creates a Mod for another series’s character. This was what happened with “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”, as someone created a Mod for Cloud Strife  (from FFVII fame, in case you didn’t knew XD) to play as the character in Bethesda Softworks’ game. Check the result in this video:

Credits go to our member Captain Highwind for bringing this to our attention.


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