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The latest Advent Children Complete Trailer from Jump Festa has surfaced on the web. Thanks to Dacon for bringing it to my attention!

The corresponding translation of the trailer is below the cut, thanks to Hitoshura. Also below, are some wonderful new CG renders of Cloud and Sephiroth from the cover. Thanks Cloud_S!

Inside the Northern Cave.
The screen is fuzzy (black and white noise, dim colours).
(Gun battle scene from the start of AC)
POV of Elena, holding her gun.
Tseng is laying on his back on the floor, covered in blood.
Tseng tries to get up, but Elena stops him.

Elena: “Tseng!”

Elena’s POV moves to the right.
Yazoo is standing at the left, Loz at the right, and Kadaj in the middle.
They’re naked from the waist up, and their outfits begin to form starting at their abdomen and going up (looks little black particles making them?)

Kadaj: “You are going to give her back.”

(Seems like they’re talking about Jenova’s head)

Reno piloting the helicopter.

Zack and Cloud in the wastelands around Midgar, riding in the back of the truck (like CC, etc.)

Zack: “Stop somewhere behind a rock, old man. Cloud, we’re getting off.”

(Scene from the Replay video?)

Denzel breaking a fire hydrant with a pipe in Edge.
He hits it once, then lifts the pipe over his head, spins it around and hit it again (like Cloud’s victory pose).
High pressured water shots out and hits the monster.

Yazoo and Loz escaping on the highway, chasing after Cloud (around evening time, middle of the film).
Reno(’s finger) pushing a switch for a machine gun, as he follows them in a Shinra helicopter.

Yazoo and Loz, riding side by side, get closer together.
Loz puts his left foot on Yazoo’s bike, lifts it above his head, turns it around, and sets it down in the opposite direction (!).

Tifa fighting monsters in front of the Meteor monument.

Tifa: “They just don’t give up!”
Denzel: “Tifa!”

Vs. Bahamut.
Tifa, Cait Sith&Nanaki, Cid, Barret, Yuffie and Vincent battle scene.
Tifa and Cait Sith&Nanaki is new footage (Cid too?).
Cait Sith shielding his eyes from the force of Bahamut’s Flare (new).
Barret firing his gun arm, Yuffie running vertically up a steel frame, and Vincent shooting in front of him. All scenes from original AC.
Tifa getting knocked back by the blast from Bahamut’s Flare.
She scraps against the floor, starting with her left elbow (maybe the scene just before she loses consciousness in AC).

Cloud and a black-winded Sephiroth clashing swords (the one used in the FFVII Potion advert).

Another Tifa battle scene (I think?).
She kicks a monster up into the air.

Cloud takes one of the swords out of the Fusion Sword and throws it at a monster to save Denzel? (not sure)

Denzel: “Cloud!”

Shot of Rude’s back (camera slightly to the side) while he’s talking as he looks out of the window.
(Healin? Seventh Heaven?)

Rude: “Atonement is the duty of those who survive.”

Reno, laying on a bed (?) with his hands behind his head.

Reno: “The world was almost done for. Thanks to Shinra.”

In the rubble of Midgar Denzel, covered in mud, has a mobile phone to his ear (Cloud Black, with Cloudy Wolf strap!) then is about to throw it away, but suddenly his eye catches the screen and his hand stops.
He has a long bar in his hand.
Denzel stares at the phone.
(Scene from the past?)

Healin Lodge.
Conversation between Cloud and Rufus inside.

Rufus: “And if Kadaj’s goal is to prepare for an imminent occasion?”
Cloud: “Prepare?”
Rufus: “Sephiroth’s resurrection.”
(”Sephiroth’s” and “resurrection” are two different shots of Rufus)

Cloud, crouched in front of the Buster Sword on top of the hill, in pain from Geostigma.
Sephiroth’s voice is heard.

Sephiroth: “Cloud, you’re a puppet.”

Another scene of the bike chase with Yazoo and Loz, and Reno and Rude’s helicopter.
Rude opens the side door of the helicopter, and fires a large rocket launcher (?).
The shell hits the road just behind Yazoo and Loz.
A rather large part of the highway collapses (!).

In the helicopter, profile shot of Reno’s face smiling.
Yazoo, on his bike, flies up towards the helicopter.

The last battle, in the Shinra Building vicinity.
Sephiroth aims for Cloud from the air.
Cloud and Sephiroth clashing swords inside the ruined Shinra Building.
As he counterattacks, Cloud is surrounded by a blue aura.


  1. Dark & Divine
    #1 Dark & Divine 30 January, 2009, 02:15

    Awesome stuff!

    Yay for the scenes inside the Northen Crater, Yazoo with his bike flying towards the helicopter, more Avalanche and, of course, Sephiroth!:)

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  2. Faram
    #2 Faram 30 January, 2009, 17:08

    this is the beeeeesssstttttt!!!!!

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  3. ZakuReno
    #3 ZakuReno 30 January, 2009, 18:05

    Still three months more to wait!!!!

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  4. RPG Tony
    #4 RPG Tony 31 January, 2009, 01:00

    The scene where Denzel is about to throw the phone (which is Cloud’s btw) is from the Novel that came in the Limited Edition version of AC. That’s pretty cool that they included that.

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  5. Tennyo
    #5 Tennyo 31 January, 2009, 02:02

    I’m so happy they are including some stuff from the novellas. <3

    I’m…I’m fangirling. Totally. I need to go do something productive to work off all of my energy now.

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  6. Koki
    #6 Koki 31 January, 2009, 16:30

    I’m glad that there are more scenes concering Reno and Rude. This is going to be awesome ^_^ The first scene i very good too.

    PS. I just found this site and I think that it’s really good! Keep up the good work!

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  7. Cthulhu
    #7 Cthulhu 31 January, 2009, 21:21

    That is the moast epic trailer so far. Really awesome new scenes, and it srsly seems like the movie’s a lot more colorful and shiny now compared to the original version, which was pretty drab and whatnot as far as I can remember it.

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    #8 X-SOLDIER 1 February, 2009, 00:32

    Everything about this trailer is filling out to be what I’d hoped for out of ACC. Everything seems to be tied together much more smoothly, and the action’s been amped up a notch, which is never a bad thing. The overall color quality does seem far superior to the original film as well. I think that having various small pieces of the Compilation to draw from for tone, etc. has really helped out. Epic win.


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    • Cthulhu
      Cthulhu 1 February, 2009, 15:00

      I can’t make out from this trailer that everything is tied together more – the opening scene’s a tad less confusing, perhaps, but other than that it seems like a collection of random new scenes pasted in between the existing stuff. At least, from what I can see in this trailer, dunno what they’ve done with the rest of the movie yet.

  9. Ravynne
    #9 Ravynne 1 February, 2009, 19:28

    I still don’t know why they’re redoing the movie, but after watching this I’m thinking it might be worth buying after all. They seem to have incorporated OTWTAS, Denzel kicks some butt, more shots of the Turks, and all the boys look prettier. 😀 If they somehow tied in Lucrecia, I’d be in fangirl heaven.

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    #10 X-SOLDIER 3 February, 2009, 02:10

    After watching AC again last night, and thinking about some implied events, there’s some good potential for ACC to make events less confusing.

    The whole kids being kidnapped process is being opened up on from what we’ve seen in the screenshots. Hopefully they get a little bit more into how Vincent found Tseng / Elena brough to the Forgotten Capitol (thus the elaboration on what happened to them at the opening), and how he (Vincent) came to be there. Tying those events together a little more strongly will help make the film a lot less jumpy, and will give the character interactions a little more planned out feel.

    A bit more backstory on Cloud’s mood / Denzel couldn’t hurt, and that’ll help to tie the kids, Shinra, and Cloud & Co all together much more fluidly than the original film did imo.

    This still leaves plenty of time for extended flashback scenes, and more ass kickery that we know is being included.

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