‘Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode’ now watchable on YouTube!

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The mobile phone chapter Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode, once widely believed to have been entirely lost, has now resurfaced in the form of an almost 50-minute long video showing a playthrough of this elusive episode. YouTuber Pablo M.Castro originally found this playthrough on the Japanese video site Nico Nico. After alerting this to Grimoire Valentine, head of the FFVII archive site “FFVIIExcavation”, Grimoire took the footage, added English subtitles based on the English version of the mobile game, and uploaded to his YouTube channel for all to see!

The Final Fantasy VII community extend huge thanks to both Pablo and Grimoire for their contribution! Extended thanks to S&G, author of the Unofficial FFVII novel, and Eder Paraiso C. Flor for alerting us about these awesome news.

For those not in the loop, Lost Episode was a mobile phone game released in late 2006. It acted as a complementary piece to the PS2 title Dirge of Cerberus, released the same year, and took place between chapter 4 and chapter 5 of that PS2 title. The game showed Vincent’s short trek to Junon and his journey across the ocean to the other continent, whilst battling the threat of Deepground along the way. Both a Japanese and an English version of this mobile chapter was released.

In North America, the service that sold the game, Amp’d Mobile, went down as early as July 2007. To American audiences, this explains why that version of the game became lost. It is not clear when the game became unavailable in Japan, but it remains true that even getting a hold of gameplay recordings of Lost Episode has appeared to be a hopeless task…until now.

You can discuss the emergence of this FFVII Compilation treasure on our forum! <---Follow this link and scroll all the way down to find Shademp's review of Lost Episode! Grimoire Valentine has contributed many times before to the fandom, by uploading Before Crisis footage and many recordings from the Dirge of Cerberus PlayOnline mode. We greatly recommend checking out his YouTube channel, as well as his archive website, FFVIIExcavation.

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  1. Tash
    #1 Tash 13 February, 2015, 22:21

    Too bad we’ll never see the gameplay of Reno or Legend in Before Crisis, no remake of Before Crisis, and no sequel set after Dirge of Cerberus, because Square Enix ran out of time to even consider on even making a sequel.

    I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but it’s not fair that the best Final Fantasy series(the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII) is left as a cliff-hanger forever with the question of Genesis’s return that is(in the company’s case) strictly forbidden to be answered, and I dislike cliff-hangers more than anything.

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