Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII in Virtual Reality

by October 22, 2015 0 comments

YouTube user “Hoopermation” has recorded a video of himself playing Crisis Core using an Oculus Rift with the emulator PPSSPP, which now has a Virtual Reality setting. See the video below:

Such a thing is of course completely unofficial, and we’re sure there aren’t many of you with an Oculus Rift dev kit lying around. Still, this would be awesome to play one day!

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  1. WAnto
    #1 WAnto 2 December, 2015, 03:14

    What can anyone say but, wow.’ I can see some use for this in law enecoremfnt, especially if linked to wanted persons databases, stolen property databases, stolen vehicle databases. If you didn’t have someone’s name perhaps they could integrate facial recognition software? It’s also a bit scary. Right now my local hometown police departments have cameras in the cars that record both the stop and the arrested party with sound. It also scans license plates and automatically runs them for stolen check. When the officer goes in the station, everything automatically downloads onto a major hard drive no more taking hd’s out and hooking them up. I want a pair of those glasses. Go Go Gadget go!

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