Advent Children Complete – Reunion Tracks: Tracklist released

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Square-Enix has now published the track list for the ACC Reunion Tracks album on their Square Enix Music website. The album will be released on September 16th 2009 in Japan for 2,500¥ and will contain the following tracks:

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

Beyond the Wasteland (FFVII ACC Version)
Sign (ACC Long Version)
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (ACC Orchestra Version)
Heart of Anxiety (FFVII ACC Version)
Materia (FFVII ACC Version)
Black Water (FFVII ACC Version)
Battle in the Forgotten City (FFVII ACC Version)
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (ACC Piano Version)
Those Who Fight Further (FFVII ACC Version)
The Chase of Highway (FFVII ACC Version)
Advent: One-Winged Angel (ACC Long Version)
Aerith’s Theme (ACC Long Version)

On the Way to a Smile EPISODE DENZEL – Final Fantasy VII

Daybreak ~ Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII ~ (Episode Denzel Version)
Sunny Spot
The Red Sky
The Blue Sky
Connected Hearts ~ Main Theme of Tifa ~ (Arranged Version)
On the Way to a Smile: Episode Denzel

Source: Cetraconnection, Square-Enix Music

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  1. Tetsujin
    #1 Tetsujin Author 20 August, 2009, 20:10

    I maed poast. :awesome:

    The Denzel OVA music will be in the OST, which is pretty awesome.

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  2. hitoshura
    #2 hitoshura 20 August, 2009, 20:58

    陽だまり = Sunny Spot

    At least they decided to release the OVA soundtrack with the film’s this time, instead of leaving it like Last Order and seemingly never releasing it :monster:

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    #3 X-SOLDIER 21 August, 2009, 06:44

    Glad to see this’s finally announced. Well done on the poast.


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  4. Lynn Strife
    #4 Lynn Strife 21 August, 2009, 13:29

    omg, I can’t wait!
    Those new tracks already sound awesome in the movie, let alone when you can fully listen to them! yay =D

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  5. BWAngel
    #5 BWAngel 21 August, 2009, 14:49

    I was wondering when they were going to make a new soundtrack. Although, am I the only one surprised that Safe and Sound is not listed? Or am just not seeing it?

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  6. Tetsujin
    #6 Tetsujin Author 21 August, 2009, 15:00

    It’s not on the OST. Guess there are complications with the licenses/rights/whatever to use the song, as it didn’t appear in the international versions of ACC either.

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    • Makoeyes987
      Makoeyes987 21 August, 2009, 19:50

      Wow, I’m so glad I got my copy off of itunes and stuff. Along with my Japanese copy of the movie with it. I wonder if the Japanese version of ACC will be more valuable since it’s the only one that has this new song on it? :mon:

    • BWAngel
      BWAngel 22 August, 2009, 04:06

      Ditto, although it would be interesting if they did a special collector’s edition with the new song on it if. I highly doubt it, but there’s no harm in hoping. Think starting a petition might do anything?

  7. ForceStealer
    #7 ForceStealer 22 August, 2009, 04:29

    Awesome, I really liked the rearranged tracks.

    That is really strange about Safe & Sound though, not even on the Japanese soundtrack? There must have been some sort of legal falling out; it’s the only explanation.

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  8. Tennyo
    #8 Tennyo 24 August, 2009, 08:47

    Now, how do we get this?

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    • BWAngel
      BWAngel 25 August, 2009, 05:38


  9. Animexcel
    #9 Animexcel 29 August, 2009, 03:08

    A:OWA (ACC “Long” Version)? Does that mean it’s longer than the version they used in the movie?

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    • Tetsujin
      Tetsujin Author 29 August, 2009, 12:50

      Uhhh, no. ;p

    • Animexcel
      Animexcel 29 August, 2009, 15:17

      I would’ve guessed it lol cuz why put it there when they could keep it “ACC Version”…?

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