Dissidia 012 Title Screen Voices

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If you’ve been playing Dissidia 012 — or watching videos of it on YouTube — then you know by now that the voices of the game’s various characters can occasionally be heard saying “Square Enix” and “Dissidia Duodecim” at startup. You may have even noticed that the game of origin for some of the characters seems to correspond to certain days of the month on which you hear them (e.g. you heard Steve Burton/Cloud on the 7th of April).

You may be interested to know exactly what circumstances determine who you hear on a given day — and perhaps even a given time on a given day. Read on for more.

We now have the answer to this cute little mystery thanks to pg. 570 of the Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Ultimania: RPG Side. A scan of the relevant part of the page — a title call chart — was made available to fans courtesy of toffeethesnob over on the ffchaoticcosmos blog.

Basically, it works like this: The first 10 days of each month, you’ll most likely hear one of the 10 heroes featured in the story from cycle 013. After that, the timing for most of the remaining characters roughly corresponds to double-digit days ending with the number of the game from which they originate. Things do get somewhat more complicated than that with some of the characters, though.

Below is toffeethesnob’s scan (click on it to enlarge it) of the chart from the Ultimania page in question, as well as my translation of the chart. Enjoy.

Days each character performs their title call
*Regardless of month
Lightning: 13th
Vaan: 12th
Laguna: 18th
Yuna: 20th
Kain: 14th
Tifa: 17th
Warrior of Light: 1st
Firion: 2nd
Onion Knight: 3rd
Cecil: 4th
Bartz: 5th
Terra: 6th
Cloud: 7th
Squall: 8th
Zidane: 9th
Tidus: 10th
Garland: 21st and 31st
Emperor: 22nd
Cloud of Darkness: 23rd
Golbez: 24th
Exdeath: 15th and 25th
Kefka: 16th and 26th
Sephiroth: 27th
Ultimecia: 28th
Kuja: 19th and 29th
Jecht: 30th
Shantotto: 11th
Gabranth: 12th (midnight hour; noon hour; 12th minute of every hour)
Prishe(*1): 11th (11th hour; 23rd hour; 11th minute of every hour)
Gilgamesh (*1): 15th
Chaos(*2): Every minute (5% probability)
Cosmos: After loading save data on your Special Day
Great Will(*3): 1st (1st hour; 13th hour; 1st minute of every hour)*4
Aerith(*5): 7th, 17th, 27th (7th hour; 19th hour; 7th minute of every hour)

*1: These characters will sound off once they’re available
*2: Will sound off once Feral Chaos is available
*3: After cycle 013 is cleared
*4: May also sound off at startup after cycle 013 is cleared the first time
*5: Must be selectable as an Assist Character

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  1. LynnStrife
    #1 LynnStrife 19 April, 2011, 14:43

    Oh, I already thought I was becoming crazy! XD
    Thanks for this post and telling when you hear which character! 😀 Looks like I heard Laguna yesterday, hahaha 😀

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  2. Tiffany
    #2 Tiffany 19 April, 2011, 18:03

    I swear i thought it was only me! xD

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  3. Kasarin
    #3 Kasarin 20 April, 2011, 00:43

    I think it’s also affected by the encounter voices you have.

    I have Kuja’s encounter voices and it gave his sound off to me but my friend and sister (who do not have his voice) aren’t getting anything.

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  4. iceblue007
    #4 iceblue007 20 April, 2011, 11:07

    I think it started off just like that when you finished the tutorial or storyline… At first, I was like “Uhh did I hear something just now? Hmph, must be my imagination… – then after which it says duodecim… That time I know now that its not just me…”

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  5. Blizzstar
    #5 Blizzstar 20 April, 2011, 17:09

    Heres something else I noticed…If you to Museum and go to the Cutscene timeline.
    If you go to the end 013 cycle timeline end bossfights of Shade Impulse, in them the little window of the picture thing shows moogles. They will randomly pop, I’m not joking. I wnet to the FFVII cutscene “Relax” and Moogles were around Sephiroth in the picture.o_o
    Jjust a little Easter Egg I guess.

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  6. Naitsabes89
    #6 Naitsabes89 21 April, 2011, 06:27

    funny… I’ve been hearing Yuna’s Title Screen Voice in the past 3 days…. and now I know why… lol! but I heard it 3 days in a row? but I don’t really cure its just really interesting, you know.

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  7. RosettaLuv
    #7 RosettaLuv 22 June, 2011, 01:24

    I noticed so far that Cosmos and Garland say “Square Enix” but not the game title. I wonder why? :\

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  8. Shoinie
    #8 Shoinie 26 May, 2012, 02:37

    Wow! This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing! I always wondered why it seemed inconsistent haha 🙂 Glad I know now 😀

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  9. Raiden
    #9 Raiden 2 April, 2013, 07:32

    the first time i heard it, i jumped out of my chair… literally! i thought i was going crazy or somethin’ like that but then i also freaked out when the voice changed after a few days… at first it was a female voice, not sure whose voice though, then it became jecht’s voice then became yuna’s then right now it’s vaan’s voice… but why is it sometimes it only says “square enix” but not the main title?
    anyway, i’m really looking forward to the next voice i’ll be hearing when i open the game!

    p.s, thanks for the information, it really helps!

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  10. AxelSZXBladeLea
    #10 AxelSZXBladeLea 21 January, 2014, 16:03

    When I Played the game At the beginning. I didn’t stop playing until unlocking PP Catalog ( and bought new headset )
    after logging in xD To The Game again. Jacked headset. then so VERY QUITE NIGHT… Kefka’s “SQUARE ENIX” I just felt like my stomach ( just ate then ) and heart will pop out of my body ( MAX VOLUME )

    Kinda sad… never have the chance to hear the others.

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