Final Fantasy VII PC Now Available

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The anticipated PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII is now available to download on the Square Enix store in Europe and North America.

It is currently on sale for a “promotional” price of £7.99/$9.99. It appears almost completely unchanged from it’s 1998 counterpart, even retaining the poor quality MIDI format sound which has been converted to looping OGG format. More below.

The game was made available earlier today on the Square-Enix store, and an official blog update posted here. This comes as a bit of a surprise, because no release date was announced prior to the release and the official website only updated to announce the release after it became available.

The image to the right shows the Achievement system in action. Some include using characters’ Level 1 limit breaks while there are others for obtaining Knights of the Round materia, and obtaining 99,999,999 Gil – good luck with that without cheating.

Although the resolution is set by the user, the use of the same background resolution as the original results in pixellation, however the character models look smoother than ever. Perhaps most disturbing of all is the music quality. As a dedicated VII modding community will no doubt attest, it would not have been difficult to at least include the Playstation format music. It would have been equally easy to convert the MP3 official soundtrack to OGG format for use in the game. However, in-game music is of an undeniably low quality.

It really is just a re-release that works, instead of the slightly better version people were hoping for. Forum member Flintlock had this to say:

I’m completely underwhelmed. Equivalent graphics can be achieved with a Playstation emulator on most computers, and by doing that, you don’t have to put up with MIDI music. And the achievements are just the most unoriginal pile of crap I’ve ever seen.

The whole thing is actually quite amusing. I wonder how much time they put into it?

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  1. DLPB
    #1 DLPB 14 August, 2012, 20:45

    Check Qhimm forum for Anxious Heart. This installer I made will soon be made to work with new PC game and will update your OGG to use the Official Soundtrack at high quality.

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  2. Turk 0
    #2 Turk 0 15 August, 2012, 02:14

    What a disappointment. They’re not even trying at this point. You can get a better version of this game just by modding the original to hell and back. You know you’ve reached a low point when your consumers can upgrade a game better than you can. [Or are willing to, in this case.]

    You’re losing more and more points, S-E. Step up your game or just don’t bother anymore.

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  3. Kiigen
    #3 Kiigen 15 August, 2012, 02:28

    I am disapoint. What happened to smart choices in the world of gaiming. It shouldn’t be such a difficulty deciding to shivvy out 10 bucks for a game.

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  4. Cody
    #4 Cody 15 August, 2012, 17:04

    Important question: Is it Aeris or Aerith now?

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  5. Prince Lex
    #5 Prince Lex Author 15 August, 2012, 17:35

    It’s still Aeris.

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