ScrewAttack’s Newest DEATH BATTLE Installment: “Link VS Cloud”

by July 13, 2012 0 comments

Several reincarnations of green tunic adventuring is pitted against brute force in this 3D animation battle done by the crew of ScrewAttack. For those unfamiliar with the series, DEATH BATTLE has the most famous video game icons duke it out against each other in neatly animated movies. But not before the skills, powers and history of each combatant has been thoroughly presented to show their various strengths and weaknesses.

Who shall emerge victorious?
Click the header image or follow this Link to see!

Warning: SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS! Watch video before reading what the gamers have to say.

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  1. Rare Behemoth
    #1 Rare Behemoth 14 July, 2012, 18:48

    I call BS. Omnislash (Version 5 in this instance) is not and has never been an interruptable attack, and Link’s golden gauntlets augment his strength, not his ability to withstand pressure. I’m nitpicking I guess, but if they’re going to lengths to analyze how they’d match up, at least get it right.

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  2. Kit
    #2 Kit 14 July, 2012, 23:15

    Last time i checked, Link can be killed by a swarm of freaking chickens. I’m fairly certain that Cloud would unarguably destroy Link before he has time to draw his tiny ass sword.

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    • Genesis
      Genesis 26 July, 2012, 04:35

      hahahaha I though the same! xDDDD
      Cloud has used Buster sword….why?Link was using every wepon from diferent games, so Cloud could have used : Ultima Weapon,all materias,limitsbreaks and itens from FF7. With such arsenal Link doesn´t have a chance.

      Poor and tendentious battle.

  3. WhitneyA
    #3 WhitneyA 5 August, 2012, 16:24

    Link is Nintendo’s icon and by extension, a gaming icon. Cloud definitely is an icon in his own right but due to the whole ’emo’ debate and the fact that his game series (both FF7 and FF as a whole) hasn’t exactly picked up in a while, Link literally can’t lose. Every character battle competition on Gamefaq has ended in Link’s victory over Cloud. If Cloud ever won, even more people would be furious than with Cloud’s defeat.

    I’d like to think that Cloud is definitely a lot smarter than they gave him credit. There are certain enemies in FF7 that require strategy to defeat, which I’d like to think implies Cloud’s intelligence in the cannon. In Dissidia, he gives the other heroes advice about how to go about fighting the Manikins intelligently. Also at the beginning of FF7 Cloud indirectly gives you tutorials about how to fight and overcome status effects and other stuff. He’s more that a pretty boy berzerker. The one thing that I still don’t understand is why they gave Cloud the materia and equipment selection they did? He’s got the Fusion Swords, Mystile , Imperial Guard, Ultima Weapon. He could’ve used the fabled Final Attack ->Revive Combo or at least a Curaga with some Rengen? Seriously, Cloud could’ve come out with Master Materia and make Link’s life a nightmare…

    I always thought that Link was popular because he was a silent protagonist that you could put yourself in the position of. He’s saving the princess but technically, you’re saving the princess. He’s experiencing and interacting in the world in such a way that his personality doesn’t truly make you an observer or even a participant but the hero incarnate. Cloud had some of this in the original FF7 depending on the branching paths you chose for him to take in regards to his character interactions. He undoubtedly has his own persona then but the few moments that you can decide how he responds to characters gives you a say in how the character’s personality is or develops in a sense. He definitely has more personality in the fact that he’ll actually speak and interact in given circumstances and with that comes people being pissed off with what he has to say and how he feels about a given situation. His response wouldn’t necessarily match theirs. His may be deemed ’emo’, while I will admit that they may have poured out the melodrama for his recent character incarnation, he’s still a more interesting and complex character.

    Link keeps it simple with courage, determination, and anger at Ganon. Cloud gets more complex and that’s why I like him. He’s determined but troubled. He’s got identity issues but what people seem to forget and I’ll admit that Square Enix forgets this too, he moves on and gets what needs to be done done. Mid Advent Children and especially in Complete they explain why Cloud seems so moody and he gets back up and begins to badass all over Sephiroth’s Shadows and the fallen SOLDIER himself. Dissidia, definitely has him acting in a manner that is prone to moping which I’ll admit isn’t too flattering but I’m hoping they actually finish up the Genesis saga and show us a more FF7esque Cloud. He may get depressed in that one but hopefully people will realize that, he was a 16 year old child soldier that watched the genocide of his home town at the hand of his childhood hero, mom was killed, first crush was almost cut in half, his old job kidnapped him and experimented on him, watched his best friend get shot to death and potential love interest was impaled while he was slowly losing his mind and almost killed her, and after all that got planetary AIDS. I’d be a little depressed too… I also submit at the end of Advent Children, the man smiles!

    Link, I’m really happy for you and Im’ma let you finish but Cloud Strife is one of the best swordsmen of all time! OF ALL TIME!

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  4. Simon
    #4 Simon 16 September, 2012, 08:50

    It was a bloody scam. Its just a bunch of N64 fanboys having fun. A fight between Link and Cloud wouldnt even be fun. It would just be a slaughter.

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