Final Fantasy VII TGS trivia show

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Fancy a test of your knowledge of the Compilation? TGS veteran and VII fan Dodger presents an interactive trivia quiz with three difficulties for a total of thirty questions:

How well did you do?

Dodger is also the Co-Writer of the previously reported FFVII Lore in a Minute.

Hosted by: Dodger
Directed by: Michael Schroeder
Director of Photography: Mike Schmidt
Edited by – Michael Schroeder and Killer Lee

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  1. Rose
    #1 Rose 16 August, 2012, 02:25

    Pretty sure a few of these are actually wrong.

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  2. Trev
    #2 Trev 18 August, 2012, 19:12

    The question about what color the soldiers eyes are they said blue. On my PSP, PS3, PS1, and PC has always looked teal. Am I colorblind, or are they really teal?

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  3. Lreis
    #3 Lreis 29 August, 2012, 16:10

    I answered the medium difficulty one, and less than half the questions were about the game itself, most were of spin-offs.

    A shame… 🙁

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