Final Fantasy XV chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development

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Game opening through Chapter 5
Chapter 6 through Chapter 10
Chapter 11 through Chapter 15
Episodes Gladiolus, Prompto & Ignis; Assassin’s Festival; incidental conversations

Statement of purpose

This section of our Final Fantasy XV lore archive began as an attempt to document all the bits and pieces of the game (and two or three things outside of it) that introduce or expand upon the lore of the FFXV universe. That effort eventually, and perhaps inevitably, developed into simply making as close to a “complete” script of the game as reasonably possible. Much of — perhaps even most of — the lore presented in-game is not even found in mandatory exposition, a fact which this archive is formatted to highlight by calling the reader’s attention to the material that is optional (these segments will be located behind dropdown boxes marked “*optional dialogue*”). While this approach to world building in a Final Fantasy hasn’t been to everyone’s liking, it is nonetheless unique. To have created so much content for the setting — even going to the trouble of conducting voice recordings for said content — that many players will never see or hear is a rather fascinating and bold choice in game design, especially for this series.

Some of these elements are inexorably tied to the overall plot of the game and franchise while others may simply speak to customs in one area or another of the setting; elaborate on the sentiments of the common citizen during troubling developments; or resolve loose ends found early in the game or even elsewhere in the franchise (e.g. the special dessert from Tenebrae that Ignis kept trying to recreate for Noctis in “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV”).

-Additional notes on this script-
Quotation marks are being used around “complete” in the statement of purpose above for the simple fact there is far too much dialogue in the game spread among its many NPCs, during battles, and while traveling to ever reasonably assume all of it has been compiled by anyone who isn’t holding all the data files (i.e. Square Enix). This in mind, please anticipate that while this transcription will offer a comprehensive overview of the game’s main story, its side quests, its key items, and many a segment of incidental dialogue, it will not have every last written or spoken word

This transcript — and our FFXV lore archive as a whole — utilizes the official English localization, though the transcript does make note of a few instances where this localization differs from the Japanese script in interesting or noteworthy ways

For considerations of length, this archive has been divided into four sections

Nothing for Chapter 15 is highlighted as optional, being that the entire chapter is already optional

Some dialogue that isn’t, strictly speaking, optional may not play when it should, and for no obvious reasons. For example, you may play through Chapter 4 just as many times yet only once hear a particular line from Gentiana and the subsequent dialogue it initiates among the Chocobros — or you may not hear it at all during those four occasions

Along similar lines and similar frustrations, what this archive refers to as the “walking away” conversations associated with quests (i.e. when beginning or completing them) don’t always trigger — and if they do, they don’t always trigger when they’re supposed to. For example, a player doing a second quest for Cindy or Wiz might get two “walking away” conversations in a row because they’re only now hearing one they should have gotten before in addition to getting the one that should actually be playing at that time. An example of this can be seen at 1:01:56 in this video, where the first “walking away” conversation to play is that belonging to completing Holly’s first quest, “Steam Valve Inspection,” yet it is then immediately followed by the “walking away” conversation associated with beginning Holly’s next quest, “Power to the Pylons.”

In whole point of fact, one may even hear two such conversations out of order, as at 16:53 in this video, where the “walking away” conversation belonging to beginning Holly’s “Holding Back the Dark” quest plays, and is then immediately followed by the “walking away” conversation that goes with completing Holly’s previous quest, “Power to the Pylons”

Within this archive, quest dialogue (i.e. optional content) appears in the section for the chapter where it first becomes available. In other words, rather than having a section of the archive entitled “Holly’s quests,” they will simply appear under the section for Chapter 8. Likewise, Takka’s quests appear under the section for Chapter 3. Consequently, this does mean that the side quests offered by some NPCs will not appear together (e.g. Navyth and Dave’s quests aren’t all available within the same chapter). In addition, this archive’s author has chosen to include quest dialogue within the sections for the chapters where it is possible to both begin and complete the quest — therefore, though Takka’s quest entitled “Lestallum’s Finest” can be initiated in Chapter 2, its opening dialogue will be included here under the section for Chapter 3, as it doesn’t become possible to complete the quest until then

This archive’s author has personally verified the spelling, punctuation and formatting of everything recorded within — including occasions where italics were used — for consistency with the game. There is, however, one really obvious exception here where formatting consistency is concerned: for ease of reading and conservation of space, the format used for dialogue is simply “[character’s name or credited title]: [dialogue spoken]” (e.g. Ignis: Indeed.) rather than an attempt at recreating the text precisely as it is formatted on screen in the game.

There are also times where the in-game text may have been a color other than the default (e.g. for tutorial purposes). On these occasions, neither an attempt at replication nor a note of the fact is made

Related to the last point made above, the capitalization of “hunters” and “Hunters” isn’t consistent throughout the English script, and so it won’t appear to be within this archive. Neither are “blood of the Oracle”/”Blood of the Oracle,” nor — when taking Episode Gladiolus into account along with the main game — “marshal”/”Marshal” and “king’s shield”/”King’s Shield”

This archive’s author has gone to great care to ensure that NPCs are credited within this resource precisely as they were credited on the screen. Some liberties have been taken with the Hunters, though — who typically are simply credited as such — to clarify whether they are men or women. Furthermore, Noctis and Gladiolus are often credited as their nicknames, “Noct” and “Gladio,” within the various scripts