TLS Presents: Lateral Biography: TURKS -The Kids Are Alright-

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Cover Art by Rennard
Artwork by the lovely capnkupo

A few years ago, the novel “Lateral Biography: TURKS -The Kids Are Alright-” was released in Japan. Of course, being Square Enix, the book was never translated. So our intrepid team took it upon themselves to bring this work to the world.

Written by Kazushige Nojima, this novel follows a new protagonist, Evan Townshend, and the Turks as they deal with the new world after Meteor is destroyed. We discover previously unknown information leading up to the events of Advent Children, and meet some familiar faces along the way.

This is the first half of the book, entitled “See me, feel me”, containing the first 30 chapters. And as a little bonus, we have produced the first chapter as an audiobook to give a little introduction to the project.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this project, especially hitoshura and mecorx for translating this, and the many people who gave feedback.


Chapter 1 First off, a little about myself
Chapter 2 – How The Trouble Began
Chapter 3 – Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 4 – At Seventh Heaven
Chapter 5 – Elena’s Frustration
Chapter 6 – Mireille Detective Agency
Chapter 7 – Fabio Defeated In The End
Chapter 8 – Out of Control Night
Chapter 9 – Too Self-Conscious
Chapter 10 – Unbreakable Bonds
Chapter 11 – Failure
Chapter 12 – Unknown World
Chapter 13 – Annette Townshend
Chapter 14 – My World Is Changing Again
Chapter 15 – Bad Timing
Chapter 16 – A Miserable Feeling
Chapter 17 – Picking up the Pieces
Chapter 18 – Preparing for Departure
Chapter 19 – Outcast
Chapter 20 – Strife Delivery Service
Chapter 21 – Count on Tifa
Chapter 22 – Kyrie and the Turks
Chapter 23 – Leslie and Marle
Chapter 24 – Kyrie, Going for a Meal
Chapter 25 – Meeting with a Low-life
Chapter 26 – Half-assed Wrap-up
Chapter 27 – Starting the Project
Chapter 28 – Kyrie Fights Back
Chapter 29 – Reno and Rude, In A Rush
Chapter 30 – Lover’s Spat and a Surprising Dawn


Chapter 31 – A Peaceful Trip, and Reminiscence
Chapter 32 – The Girl On The Chocobo
Chapter 33 – Rude Targeted
Chapter 34 – Red Beast And Black Water
Chapter 35 – Reno And Rude Fly
Chapter 36 – The Turks Were Scary After All
Chapter 37 – Beloved Shin-Ra
Chapter 38 – Proposition
Chapter 39 – Nibelheim
Chapter 40 – Under Junon
Chapter 41 – Icicle Inn And Mother’s Letter
Chapter 42 – Fabio
Chapter 43 – Monster
Chapter 44 – Despair And Hope
Chapter 45 – The Labyrinth of Ice and The Lifestream
Chapter 46 – A Few Epilogues

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  1. Tash
    #1 Tash 28 December, 2014, 22:24

    AWESOME! Are you guys gonna continue the translations? I love this book! Thank you all for the translations! You’re the best! I love the Turks! I love Final Fantasy VII! I’ve always wanted this book to be translated!

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  2. Licoriceallsorts
    #2 Licoriceallsorts 28 December, 2014, 22:38

    This is an excellent translation of a pretty worthy addition to the compilation. As always, the story repays a second reading. Kudos to pixel, mecorx, and hito for providing us with such a labour of love.

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  3. Cain
    #3 Cain 30 December, 2014, 21:45

    u guys r awsm! i love all your translations and audiobooks. keep it up!

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  4. Tash
    #4 Tash 2 January, 2015, 05:24

    I just remembered, the first 30 chapters are the first part of the book, and you guys already translated and finished part 1. Please complete and put up part 2 VERY soon, pretty please, with a Tonberry on top? =)

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  5. Sara
    #5 Sara 3 April, 2015, 21:13

    This is amazing! You’ve done a great job. Just wanted to say I’m a proofreader and copy-editor AND love everything FFVII so if you guys need any help, let me know cos I’d be more than happy to give you a hand!

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  6. Shimi
    #6 Shimi 22 April, 2015, 16:08

    Super awesome!! I hope I can read part 2 soon!

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  7. Cloud_Strife
    #7 Cloud_Strife 11 June, 2015, 22:41

    Please keep up the good work.

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  8. Inawva
    #8 Inawva 8 August, 2015, 02:02

    Thank You, thank you, thank YOU,

    I have been wanting this for a while, and waiting for this translation, for someone to take a hold of it,
    due to my favorite character of all time –: from Advent Children (who I know has started from here) and so I now can study More of him here,
    because of You!!

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  9. Wanttohelp
    #9 Wanttohelp 17 January, 2016, 12:03

    If you need another narrator I’d love to help!

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  10. Marlon
    #10 Marlon 30 March, 2016, 13:25

    Finished reading the 30 Chapters. Waiting for the other half. Thanks for this!

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  11. Aidan
    #11 Aidan 28 April, 2016, 11:14

    So… Where is the rest?

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  12. Tash
    #12 Tash 16 June, 2016, 06:22

    I hope you’ll post the second half soon in the near future. I’m dying to read the rest of it!

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  13. Chris
    #13 Chris 1 January, 2017, 05:57

    It’s been 2 years since this was posted.

    Any chance we’ll be able to read part 2 in 2017?

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  14. imperfekti
    #14 imperfekti 24 July, 2017, 17:18

    Thank you so much for all the effort you’ve put into translating this! It’s been a very interesting story so far, and it would be nice to get to read the rest eventually as well.

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  15. Freddy
    #15 Freddy 8 September, 2017, 01:57

    Awesome stuff dudes! Very rarely do half-finished Internet projects get completed, especially not years later – I commend you for that. It reads well to, the team did a great job on translating

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  16. Akito
    #16 Akito 26 June, 2020, 20:29

    Thank you si much for translation!
    Nojima seems to have difficulty remembering the age of the characters, Tifa should be 22, not 25, LoL

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  17. Anonymous
    #17 Anonymous 20 December, 2022, 05:52

    The chapter links for the first part of the novel aren’t working!

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