Early Material File Character Files – p. 520-523 of the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega

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What? You thought this project was forgotten? With the rush of news regarding Advent Children Complete, we had to shift gears, but during the wait for the western release of ACC, we figured we would continue where we left off. Hitoshura has translated the remaining character profiles for the main characters of FFVII from the FFVII Ultimania Omega Early Material Files. Enjoy reading their potential scenarios and back stories.



Job: Ninja (assassin) Age: 25 Weapon: knives, boomerangs, origami (throwing objects)

A kunoichi. Who’s a little foul-mouthed.

“Argh! Just quit running ’round, sit your ass down and think about it!”

A young girl. As agile as a mouse. A bounty hunter. There are wanted posters strewn around, but each time you see one her appearance, age, and bounty is different. An Ex-SOLDIER?


::Introduction:: Right from the opening, wanted posters for Yuffie are scattered around towns. Every time you see one, her appearance and age are different.

::Getting her to join:: Face her in battle. Or, she attacks Cloud while he’s sleeping in an inn. You can get Yuffie to join you any time after passing Elm (*note: the early name for Kalm). Yuffie’s appearance (and level) is determined at the point she first joins you. This is based on the last poster you saw. When you want to get your preferred Yuffie on your team, just look at the poster you want last.

::Motive:: Yuffie wants money (reason mentioned below) so she became a bounty hunter. She was drawn by the large bounties for Cloud and Sephiroth.

Cloud: “Why are you after me?”

Yuffie: “As if! I just want the money.”

Cloud: “If I bring you in now, I can get your bounty. So two bounty hunters are after each other, huh.”

Barret: “I don’t know why you want money so bad, but if you help us out you might find yourself a bigger bounty.”

Yuffie: “You don’t mean… Sephiroth?”

Barret: “Now that’s a bounty hunter, keepin’ in the know.”

Yuffie: “I’m a ninja, Yuffie from the Kisaragi family.”

Barret: “A ninja? Now I get it.”

●Events in Wutai
{Characters in Wutai}

Izayoi…… High priestess of the Wutaia faith. An old woman. Not just Izayoi, but all of the most important positions in the Wutaia faith are traditionally dominated by women. Their god is also, of course, a woman. Due to the young age of the hierarch Sasame, at present Izayoi is effectively the leader of Wutai. Wishes to preserve the tradition lifestyle, not reliant on technology. Yuffie’s father left Yuffie in Izayoi’s care, and she raised the girl.

Sasame…… Officially Sasame-no-Himemiko. The 89th hierarch of Wutaia. 15 years old. Because she grew up pampered, she is slightly spoilt. She isn’t happy about Izayoi treating her like a child, and her showing favour to Yuffie.

Sera…… An representative sent from Shinra. Actually a wicked woman plotting Wutai’s destruction.

Godo Kisaragi…… Yuffie’s father. He is the head of the Kisaragi family, who have served the hierarch for generations and undertake their dirty work. Presently, he is on an investigative mission in another area on the order of Izayoi.

Kasumi Kisaragi…… Yuffie’s mother. Died from an illness when Yuffie was a child.


Wutai is a temple town which developed around the Wutaia temple. Right behind the town is a large crag, and there are several massive statues resembling Guan Yin, dozens of metres high. Commonly known as the “Ten Faced Mountain.”

When you enter the Wutai town, Yuffie suddenly disappears.

Barret: “Huh? Our money, our money’s gone! Yuffie, that sneaky little…!”

They walk around town looking for Yuffie.

Townspeople: “Lady Sasame is our hierarch now. But she’s still a little girl, so it’s her mother Izayoi who actually does all the work.”

Yuffie is taking the money to a temple in the center of the town.

For several years, Shinra’s reach began to extend to Wutai. After finding out there is an abundance of mako energy in the ground below Wutai, Shinra planned to build a new mako reactor there. However, due to opposition from the conservative Izayoi and the townspeople, the project breaks down. And so Shinra hatched a plan to impose high custom charges on goods entering Wutai, and indirectly make the people of Wutai suffer. The remote town of Wutai cannot oppose Shinra through military force. So in order to save the people of Wutai, Yuffie made money and brought it back here.

Cloud: “… Why did you take the money?”

Yuffie: “I was raised at this temple since I was little. I’ve never once learnt ninjutsu from my father. I’m not accepted as a member of the Kisaragi family. But that’s not what everyone in Wutai thinks. They say it’s a cursed family, involved with dirty work. I don’t belong on either side. So if I didn’t do this, I’m scared I might lose sight of who I am…”

However, the present ruler Sasame says that Yuffie’s money is tainted money gotten through murder, and won’t even accept it. Far from it, she says that they should cooperate with Shinra, thanks to the clever persuasion of Sera, a woman sent by Shinra several months ago.

Sera: “Lady Sasame, these people are terrorists who have attacked the Shinra Company. And furthermore Yuffie is a traitor who once worked for Shinra’s SOLDIER. Lady Izayoi knew of this, but shielded Yuffie. Surely she must love this girl more than she does you…”

Yuffie and the team fall into a trap because of Sera’s scheme. With Izayoi’s assistance they get out of trouble, find evidence of the plot, and go into the temple. Yuffie faces off with Sera and defeats her. However, Sera had already launched her final plan. She aimed to blow up the Ten Faced Mountain towering over the town to destroy the town, and build a mako reactor over its ruins. As the team head for the mountain to stop the explosion, Sasame asks them a question.

Sasame: “Why are you doing this? You’re not even from this town.”

Barret: “… I know a town like this, one that was wiped out because of Shinra’s tricks. I know a stupid man who was taken in by their promises, and lost his home, his family, his future. The world only needs one idiot like that… that’s all.”

* Her position as a ‘ninja’ being fleshed out with various episodes, and the characters events in Wutai and such are quite different from the final game.

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  1. Dumb Apple
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    Wow~! These are really interesting. I knew Vincent’s had various character designs, but I can’t believe how drastically different Yuffie’s original plans were.

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  2. KissTheRain
    #2 KissTheRain 29 May, 2009, 03:18

    These were wonderful. I always wondered about Yuffie’s mother and I don’t think they changed that part in the game, just there was no need to mention it, imo.
    I loved these and I wish they would have kept some the same, probably for Yuffie it would have made her character more developed and intresting.

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  3. Ahvia
    #3 Ahvia 29 May, 2009, 03:28

    Thanks for these! I get so excited to see these translations!

    The idea they had for how different Yuffies appeared to your party was creative, I kinda wish some aspect of that had been kept! Imagine getting to choose your own Yuffie.
    And this suave and sassy horror-buff Vincent is awesome, he was a totally different archetype. I wouldn’t complain if he kept that personality, lol.

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  4. Edley
    #4 Edley 29 May, 2009, 03:44

    Very cool. Thank you. The early Yuffie ideas sound a whole lot better than the brat they ended up with, but that’s just me. Was she really going to be 25? And Vince hitting on Aeris and Tifa right out of the box is just win.

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    • licoriceallsorts
      licoriceallsorts 3 October, 2009, 21:22

      I have to agree with you – this character would have been splendid. Did they ever revive her under a different name in another game?

    • alec mann
      alec mann 5 January, 2012, 17:27

      lmao i coul;dnt see vincent hitting on them. haha! but yuffie is decently useful cuz i got her in disc 3 cuz i didnt care about her until then she does alot damage and is very useful

  5. Dark & Divine
    #5 Dark & Divine 29 May, 2009, 11:30

    Wow, thank you very much for these translations!

    It’s funny how Vincent had such a different personality in this material..

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  6. Raquelborn
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    Awesome. Thanks!

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  7. Dark & Divine
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    Btw, is there any more material in the Early Files?

    Or was this all that was left?

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  8. Splintered
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    Very glad they kept the current Vincent, the old draft made him annoying if not amusing.

    Much thanks for the translation.

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  9. Spacey
    #9 Spacey 29 May, 2009, 18:01

    “::Getting her to join:: Face her in battle. Or, she attacks Cloud while he’s sleeping in an inn.”

    Aww, it would have been awesome if you met her when she attacked Cloud in his sleep. xD

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  10. ShuShu
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    I like this Vincent better. It fits my VinTi needs. (I KNEW VINCENT HAD A THING FOR HER. HAHA. HAH! Lmao)

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    • Ryushikaze
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      Yeah, but that vincent probably had a thing for anything female with a pulse.

  11. ForceStealer
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    Wow, with a lot of the early files, I’m glad they went with what they went with for the final game. But this actually sounds better than the final version of Yuffie. I kinda like the idea of the wanted posters with a bounty and all.

    Though stealing materia is more crippling and memorable than just your money.

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  12. Anzu Mazaki
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    Nice to know Vincent was originally a playboy. XD

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  13. Ravynne
    #13 Ravynne 7 June, 2009, 00:05

    Haha, I’d seen the early materials on Vincent before, but I find a few things interesting, reading them again now:

    1. “Hojo’s female colleague was on Vincent’s side.” Seems that carried over to DoC.

    2. “However, Hojo drugged her into unconsciousness and experimented on her.” Maybe that’s why everyone thinks Lucrecia was forced.

    3. “Hojo was an acquaintance from his time at the Midgar University medical department, and then the Shinra Research Lab.” I *thought* I saw a reference to “Midgar University” somewhere, but I thought it was when Grimoire mentioned Lucrecia’s education in Dirge. When I looked at it again to check, it only said “university” and I thought I had invented the “Midgar” part. But when Hojo and Lucrecia were in school, Midgar wouldn’t have existed yet, which was why I thought it odd and was trying to find the reference again. Obviously they retconned that. But then, I wonder where the university that Grimoire mentioned Lucrecia graduating from was located?

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    • alec mann
      alec mann 5 January, 2012, 17:29

      pshh personally on the fact the hojo is technically sephiroth’s dad cprrect me if im wrong but i feel bad for sephiroth to have such a douchebag for a dad

  14. Carses
    #14 Carses 2 October, 2009, 16:24

    Так же думаю, что это лучше в другой теме обсуждать и не засирать комментами блог.

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  15. kimmik
    #15 kimmik 19 October, 2010, 10:20

    ooo wow interesting! I do still think the changes are better. I understand at the time i belive Vincetn was changed becasue they ran out of time for script, so they kept him more quiet? But i much preferre him being a Turk and How Lucrecia ultimatly chose to go ahead with the experiment rather than drugged. Just acts another knock to poor ol’ vincent. Yuffie was interesting too, a bounty hunter 😛 haha. But again, i think the reason for her gathering materia for her town was a better idea. Very interesting though! But much preferre Vincent as he is now 😛 Shame that they didnt get to get included into any cutscenes, a Vincent first transformation one would have been awsome!

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  16. Tappymint
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    This Vincent is so much better.

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  17. Shinra-Guy
    #17 Shinra-Guy 13 October, 2011, 16:29

    ”The early Yuffie ideas sound a whole lot better than the brat they ended up with, but that’s just me.”

    Huh? Her personality sounds like it’d be the exact same, except more foul-mouthed, which is redundant since that’s what Cid is for.

    ”Was she really going to be 25?”

    No, that was just one option; it says her age varied depending on wanted posters.

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  18. felipe
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    yuffie has 13 years

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