Final Fantasy VII remake: Is it happening?

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Eyebrows raise as talks of Final Fantasy VII remake renew

This week’s top Final Fantasy VII story.

The FFVII remake rumor mill is in full swing once again, this time in the immediate wake of Final Fantasy series producer Yoshinori Kitase denying that such a thing is underway, as well as making the astonishing claim that “It would probably take a lot longer than ten years, even if we ever do it.”

The next day, it was reported that Square Enix had filed a trademark for the name “Shin-Ra/Shinra Company” (神羅カンパニー) in Japan, as well as the alternate spelling シンラカンパニー. The trademark was filed with use for video games, leading many to ponder if this is related to an upcoming video game project — perhaps even a FFVII remake.

Others have wondered if perhaps this is just Square Enix’s legal team covering their assets in the wake of the production team behind the failed FFVII Web Series using the name “Shinra Productions.”

Only four days after that, industry insider Verendus made the following claims about Kitase’s earlier statements:

“It’s happening. He’s obviously not going to give any indication as such though so it hardly matters until they’re ready to announce something. His comments make sense. It’s a huge project that will take a lot of effort, and demand a lot from him personally, in order to ensure the end result is something satisfactory.”

What do you think? Is this insider to be trusted? Is Kitase playing a coy game? Is all this just people getting excited over corporate lawyers doing their usual business? Let us know on the forum.

Sources: Joystiq, Siliconera, DualShockers

Thanks go to forum/site member Shademp for contributing to this update with a link to the Shin-Ra article; likewise to forum member Tennyo for the Verendus link.

More Final Fantasy news

New Gold Saucer under construction (IGN)

FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida says the previously announced Gold Saucer for FFXIV: A Realm Reborn is now in development. While he says he can’t offer a promised date of release at this time, he does say that it will have at least three minigames for players to get lost in.

Do you have any predictions or hopes for the minigames that will be included? If so, share them on the forum in our FFXIV thread.

Thanks again go out to site member Shademp for this bit of news too.

No plans for FFX-3 or HD remaster of XII (Nova Crystallis, Examiner)

Despite the release of a recent FFX-2.5 novel and the warm reception to the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster in Japan, Final Fantasy producers Yoshinori Kitase and Shinji Hashimoto have shot down the idea of either a X-3 or HD remaster of FFXII being in development. Kitase says a remaster of XII depends on whether the development team of the original wants to do it, while Hashimoto says fans need to demand it. At least it wasn’t “please be excited,” right?

Final Fantasy goes opera; sort of (Square Enix)

On April 23, a new Final Fantasy piano album will be released featuring tracks from FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX. “Piano Opera Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX will include the following tracks:

FFVII: “Opening ~Bombing Mission~,” “Those Who Fight Further,” “Interrupted by Fireworks,” “Cosmo Canyon”
FFVIII: “Ami,” “Force Your Way,” “Liberi Fatali,” “The Man with the Machine Gun”
FFIX: “Hunter’s Chance,” “You’re Not Alone,” “Melodies of Life,” “Rose of May.”

Thanks to forum member hitoshura for the heads up on this.

Theatrhythm: Curtain Call receives Type-0 characters, new modes and new enemies (Siliconera, Shacknews)

Curtain Call producer Ichiro Hazama expects Curtain Call to be the last Theatrhythm game, so he’s planning to pack this one chock full of as much as possible, including all the previous tracks, in the hopes of creating the most complete experience. In addition, the Quest Medley mode from the iOS port will be included along with a versus mode and incoming Type-0 characters Machina and Rem. New enemies will include Golbez, Zeromus, Braska’s Final Aeon, Magitek Knights and Reno of the Turks.

Future Final Fantasy games may come to PC (EuroGamer)

According to Kitase, Square Enix may be interested in bringing future FF titles that aren’t MMOs to the PC platform. He acknowledges, though, that this is still relatively unknown territory for the developer, so it may be a while yet.

Video of the week

With the North American and PAL releases of the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster fast approaching (March 18th and 21st respectively), now is as good a time as any for a reminder as to why complaining about the Laughing Scene in FFX makes you look unobservant.

Post of the week

Several of our members are currently playing through the newly released Lightning Returns. Forum member Alex Strife offers his memorable perspective and possibly unique approach to playing the game in this post:

I’ve been out of Internet life (save for work stuff, etc.) for the past few days… which I have also used to play a bit!! Finished Day 4 now… moving steadily and safely.

I REALLY like the character of Lightning now. Whereas before I liked the concept but found it not well explored enough, I think that the fact we spend the whole time with her makes her shine. It’s a shame that Square seems to have trouble managing a large cast these days since the fewer they have, the more fleshed out they are. For instance, I really liked Noel and Serah in FFXIII-2… and now Lightning’s finally broken the last barrier with me. I really, really like her. And while the first few cutscenes in Japanese felt odd to me, now I like the originals more than the English voices… and they were already good, as you know!! Maybe I still prefer Sazh’s English voice, actually…

Sorry that I can’t actually comment much on your stuff but I’m not reading too many spoilers since I am unspoiled so far!

Also, I have to admit I am surprised at how little annoyed I am by the whole time thing at this point. It’s true I still dislike it but as I have decided to do each in-game day in one real time day… it kind of works for me.

EDIT: I’m obviously not going to say my way is how the game should be played but I’ve realised that likening in-game days to my days creates a VERY unique feeling. Every time I get back to the arch and time stops, it’s time to finally rest after all that has happened. Time to rest before leaping into a world that’s ending and where time is vital. I admit I quite like that!

Do you like Alex’s idea? How are you approaching the game? And what are your overall thoughts on it? Let us know on the forum!

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  1. orah
    #1 orah 2 March, 2014, 04:37

    meh, its not happening. but if it is revealed you can be sure ill be more than happy : P

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  2. Tash
    #2 Tash 2 March, 2014, 08:27

    Although it would be great to see a remake of Final Fantasy VII, I think the remaster online is as close as we can get for a remake. What I would want the most is a full 3D render remake of Before Crisis-Final Fantasy VII and a sequel that is set after Dirge of Cerberus-Final Fantasy VII with Cloud, his friends, Rufus, all of the Turks and even spirital Zack and Aerith dealing with Genesis and Weiss, and even a awakening of the creations of the WEAPONS. And even a HD remaster of Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core like with the HD remasters of Final Fantasy X and X-2, and with the entire Kingdom Hearts series. I bet a few people would at least agree.

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  3. CloudStrifeACC
    #3 CloudStrifeACC 3 March, 2014, 03:49

    I honestly don’t care about it anymore…

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  4. kostas
    #4 kostas 8 March, 2014, 00:20

    Well to be honest i’m not interested in a remake. I mean we enjoyed the game a lot. The original, the online remastered, the compilation, novellas ultimanias etc. What i really want is to continue the story after Dirge of Cerberus. That would be awesome. I wanna see something new. I hope they will make it as soon as possible

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    • Tash
      Tash 20 May, 2014, 06:50

      Sadly that won’t happen. They being so silent about it, we might as well accept the fact that the series will remain a forever cliffhanger, expecting us to pretend that the series continues in our minds, which is very sad, because our only chance in seeing it for real is in the afterlife. T_T.

      Not fair, really. The worst Final Fantasy compilation-trilogy(Lightning Saga) gets a happy ending, while the greatest Final Fantasy compilation-franchise(Final Fantasy VII) has a crappy cliffhanger for good and only like a hundred people want a continuum of the series and a remake of Before Crisis, but will never get it.

      I want the VII Compilation to have a good ending, but we’re not getting it and it’s not fair!

  5. Kung-Fu Platypus
    #5 Kung-Fu Platypus 9 March, 2014, 01:44

    For crying out loud, I don’t want a remake; I just want to see a continuation of the story that takes place after Dirge of Cerberus!

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    • Tash
      Tash 20 May, 2014, 05:40

      Neither of those are gonna happen I’m afraid. I’ve done everything, and I’ve waited paitently, but in the end, there will never be a new game of Final Fantasy VII, or any remakes. The closest thing we’ll be getting until 2017 are more merchandices, soundtracks, and few of it’s characters appearing in spin-offs, but other than that, the series will be a forever CliffHanger.

      There is no email address, or even an actual correct normal mailing address. For all I know, they probably just threw my letters into the recycle bin. T_T.

      Looks like we’re all just gonna have to spend the rest of our lifes using our imaginations and pretend there’s a continuum of the series.

  6. Tash
    #6 Tash 9 March, 2014, 22:02

    I’ve been looking and looking, and still nothing. I’ve even sent a letter to Nomura about two and half months ago about the remake of Before Crisis-Final Fantasy VII and the sequel to Dirge of Cerberus. In fact, pretty soon I’ll be sending in another one and even giving a feedback of Final Fantasy Agito’s gameplay and in my head, I saw a gameplay of a Before Crisis remake with the same materials as Agito for IOS or at least for PS-Vita, and the continuation of the series set after Dirge of Cerberus. I hope they’ll do something soon or we’ll all forever have a cliff-hanger and I seriously don’t want that and I’m 100% positive that everyone agrees with me on this one.

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    • Kung-Fu Platypus
      Kung-Fu Platypus 10 March, 2014, 00:49

      I get this gut feeling that they might make it (the sequel after DOC) after their done with Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts. But then again (this might sound wishy washy) there’s also the possibility that it’s been secretly in development the whole time, but just hasn’t been made public to anyone.
      I don’t know, I’m just throwing out wild guess’s.

      By the way, I like to add to your earlier comment from March 2.
      I don’t think that Genesis (or even Weiss) will come back necessarily as a villain.
      “Why?” you might be asking. Well, it’s quite a long story to explain.
      However, here’s a few article’s that will explain to you on what I’m talking about (you’ll find them all on this site): “Analysis: The Planet, Jenova, & Genesis after [ ν ] – εуλ 0010” by X-SOLIDER.
      Also, check this site out (you don’t need to read all of it, although I recommend you do; if you just want to read whats relevant to what I’m saying, just skip to the last question in section 6 and all of section 7): “Crisis Core Ultimania Scenario Q&A” by Makoeyes987.
      And one more thing, this might sound a bit trivial compared to the other two I recommend, go ahead and read “Genesis Character Profile from the Crisis Core Ultimania” again by Makoeyes987.

      Now, I’m not saying that right now we can say for sure that Genesis wont come back as a villain, because for all we know, the creators could like out of the blue just change their mind. So really, all we fans can do right now is just speculate from hints that the compilation as a whole gives us and from what official sources tell us.

      Okay, that seemed a little more than necessary to write down, but hey I hope that helps.

    • Tash
      Tash 14 March, 2014, 00:50

      Wow, this is the first time anyone’s replied to me on fansites. Well, I didn’t say that Genesis would become a villain again, because I know that he changed his ways the moment Zack defeated him. Mainly, the true villains of the Final Fantasy VII compilation were Jenova, Hollander and….*cringe, shudder and curse* Hojo. I mean, they were the ones who caused Sephiroth, Genesis and Deepground to turn evil-minded and crazy. At least those experimented like Vincent, Cloud, Zack and Genesis had not fully gone crazy and instead that their own goals to try and set things right, over-coming the Jenova cells and the Chaos cells, and Angeal wanted to die and wasn’t fully out of his mind. Not sure about Weiss or Nero though, despite that they have a strong sibiling bond. As for Veld(Verdot but I prefer to call him Veld), he’s a father of Elfe and a strong father-figure towards the Turks who look up to him and respect him greatly and he wanted to atone what he has done with Tseng, Reno, Rude and the other Turks aids. I could tell that Reno loved everyone in the Turk organization. But yeah, I guess you have a very good point. My mother always has this abiliy to know things a lot and she’s always right. So, I’ll trust on your gut feeling for now, and who knows? We might see a remake of Before Crisis and a new story of Final Fantasy VII, because I don’t think Nomura would want to stop Kingdom Hearts 3 after Xehanort is ancient history, which by the way, I hope Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie and Cid all return for Kingdom Hearts 3, and maybe they can finally place Vincent in since they placed Zack in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Thanks for the advice.

  7. Tash
    #7 Tash 18 March, 2014, 07:44

    The Lifestream courses through our planet….help stop SOPA to prevent all things related to fan sites and youtube and keep them alive.

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  8. Tash
    #8 Tash 19 March, 2014, 05:00

    I just realised something. Remember how Hojo created 13 clones of Sephiroth and yet only Cloud(who was considered a ‘failure’ went through) in Final Fantasy VII? Well, in Kingdom Hearts series, Master Xehanort wanted 13 copies(including himself) against seven warriors of Light and he placed eleven pieces of his heart in eleven ‘hosts’ so far, thus, allowing him to control them like Sephiroth did with his own clones and briefly with Cloud. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII are somehow connected!

    That may be why Cloud, Sephiroth, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid and Tifa are the more numbered Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts series. Then there’s also Xehanort controlling Terra’s body, Vanitas taking over Ven’s briefly, and then Ansem(Xehanort’s Heartless) taking over Riku’s body, and the Chaos gene trying to control Vincent Valentine.

    If anything, Square Enix must do a remake of Before Crisis-FINAL FANTASY VII, a HD compliation of Final Fantasy VII series, and a new sequel set after Dirge of Cerberus(with Rufus, and all of the Turks and Elfe returning along with Cloud and his allies), since Kingdom Hearts’ first saga ends with Kingdom Hearts III and the story continues in a new saga.

    That, and Final Fantasy VII is the best Final Fantasy game in the universe, and Cloud is probably Tetsuya Nomura’s favourite as well. I’m certain a lot of people would agree with me on this one as well.

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  9. Tash
    #9 Tash 19 March, 2014, 23:53

    I give up. I’ve looked and looked AND looked, even sent in the second letter on the weekend(the day before my dog who outlived her lifespan at the age of 15) and still nothing new, except more talks on the remakes and it’s driving me nuts. I’m accepting the fact that it looks like there won’t be any more Final Fantasy VII sequels, no remakes of Before Crisis-Final Fantasy VII, no remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, and no HD compilation.

    This means the series is a forever cliff-hanger and I hate cliff-hangers, but it looks like that’s what we have to cope with for our favorite Final Fantasy game series. T__T. I wish they would do a remake of Before Crisis-FINAL FANTASY VII and a continuation of the Compilation, but that is not happening at all.

    We’re stuck with cliff-hangers and new titles and no actual continuations. I know this is cruel, and I wish they would do something by now, but this is not the case.

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  10. Tash
    #10 Tash 20 March, 2014, 01:15

    I am sick and tired of “Remake Final Fantasy VII” this and “Remake Final Fantasy VII” that. Can everyone PLEASE instead ask about a remake of BEFORE CRISIS-FINAL FANTASY VII, AND/OR a new story-line set after DIRGE OF CERBERUS-FNIAL FANTASY VII to explain Genesis’ sudden reappearence and Weiss survival!?

    I WANT MORE CLOUD, TIFA, ZACK, AERITH, VINCENT, RUFUS, ALL OF THE TURKS(including Veld, Tseng, Reno, Rude and Elena), NOT A REMAKE OF THE GAME WHICH IT NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!…..*Breathe in….Breathe out….in with the good air…out of the bad air”At least that’s what my Mom tells me”*.

    Sorry, it’s been a frustrating week and weekend. I need some help to try and convince Square Enix to continue on with Final Fantasy VII compilation and remake Before Crisis-Final Fantasy VII, but I still get the same results and it’s frustrating. Maybe we should try make some sort of community or something, since the fan-art sites got Tetsuya Nomura’s attention earlier.

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  11. Tash
    #11 Tash 25 March, 2014, 09:31

    Can someone out there PLEASE explain to me what is going on? All these talks about “Dissidia 3”, “Lightning could appear in Final Fantasy XV”, “Final Fantasy Games for PC” and “Final Fantasy VII remake” and nothing, and I mean, NOTHING about future Final Fantasy VII sequels or Before Crisis-Final Fantasy VII remake what so ever. I hate not knowing the answers or any information, and I’ve sent two letters to Nomura himself, and still nothing.

    Okay Cloud will appear in Dissidia 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3, but what about future sequels for him? It’s not fair! Kung-Fu Platypus, if you can read this, can you help me out please?

    Lightning’s series is already over, and she didn’t get any cliff-hangers, and Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is the worst Final Fantasy saga ever, and Final Fantasy VII compilation is the best Final Fantasy Saga ever and yet, it’s left so many questions involving Genesis in a massive Cliff-hanger for the past eight years!

    The closest to an update of Final Fantasy VII we got was the Japanese novel, Cloud being in Dissidia series and in Kingdom Hearts, AND his clothes and Sword for Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII-Lightning returns.

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    • Kung-Fu Platypus
      Kung-Fu Platypus 29 March, 2014, 23:06

      First off, after reading all your comments, your giving up too easily.

      Just because it’s been a long time since they haven’t made a story that continues after DC (except for the novella “Case of Denzel”, which is a year after DC, but that story is about Denzel explaining his past four years earlier to Reeve, therefore it has nothing to do with any details about Genesis’s return. Its a good read, check it out), doesn’t automatically mean they’ll never make it.
      And I’ll give you a several reasons why:

      According to Wikipedia (1) on the Compilation of FF7, the team is simply just doing that, taking a break.
      And, in the same line of sentence, they said they still have ideas for future titles (they said this some time after they made FF7:ACC). As silly as this might sound, but I’m actually GLAD they didn’t make the sequel immediately right after making either DC, CC, or even ACC because I doubt the overall quality would have been just as good at the time. And that’s one of the reasons why I think they took a break from the Compilation, so that they can experiment on other projects (such as for example the FF13 triliogy, Dissidia, FFIV: A Realm Reborn, Kingdom Hearts 3 and the LOOONG awaited FFXV!) to see what material and ideas could potentially be in the sequel. Of course, that’s all just speculation coming from me, but at the same time though I wouldn’t be surprised if Square was doing it for that very reason.
      Look, I know the wait is annoying, but I would much rather they take their time (not for too long obviously), perfect their skills and make a really great game, instead of rushing it and make it look unsatisfying.

      Which brings up another thing (2), the series has not COMPLETELY ended, but instead it is at an end “for now”(read Square Enix: Compilation Of Final Fantasy VII “Over For Now”). So really, that imply’s they will return to the series at some point (just when exactly we don’t know).

      Also (3), producer Nomura himself on IGN (Read “Tetsuya Nomura Talks Upcoming Titles – IGN”) stated that he already has “ideas for the next product in the compilation.”

      Next (4) (although this was said in an interview earlier before any of the things I just mentioned above existed yet), when Crisis Core was just around the corner of being released, the director (Hajime Tabata) sat down to have an interview and gave a small preview of what the game was going to be like. But almost near the end of the interview he was asked this question: “Does Crisis Core mark the finale for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series?”
      And his answer was: “No, it does not. The Compilation’s finale will take some other form.”
      (Read “FFVII: Crisis Core Preview for PSP from”)

      Another thing that should be mentioned (5), is that one of the creator’s said (I can’t remember right off the top of my head what the name of the article was, but you can find it somewhere on this site) that after ACC, he would love see another game with Cloud starring as the main character.

      Now for this one I’m about to tell you (6), keep in mind this may not have anything to do with the compilation FF7 at all. But after reading it, there’s a possibility. I came across this one site (titled “Final Fantasy 7 Remake For PS4? June 3, 2013 – Square Enix Origin”) where Yosuke Matsuda was asked about the possibility of a remake, but he didn’t leave a comment about it. Later, however, Square Enix announced that they were in the works of making a “big” Final Fantasy game for the PS4.

      And finally (7), unlike all the other title’s, FF7 is arguably Squares most iconic title and figure to the entire Final Fantasy series; it was before, and it even currently now is still (again, arguably) their most iconic game to FF. For proof, FF7 is the only one in the series with a large size compilation, such as a movie and game sequel (ACC, and DC), two game prequels on PSP and a cellphone (Crisis Core, and Before Crisis), small novellas that take place between the original and ACC, and on that takes place after DC (Lateral Biography Turks -The Kids Are Alright-, and On the Way to a Smile), and even two title’s that used to be canon (which aren’t now) was a cellphone game and an anime (Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode, and Last Order). They (Square) even made a mobile game that really had nothing significant to do with the Compilation (FF7: Snowboarding). Also, Cloud made an appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics.
      If you think about it, who is given the most amount of screen time (that was deep in story line by the way) than any of the other FF characters in Kingdom Hearts? FF7! Cloud in particular got a chance to face is arch-enemy, twice for crying out loud (not to mention YOU get to fight Sephiroth in the first two main titles)! Well in that case, why didn’t any of the other FF characters get a chance to fight their worst enemy then?! Something to think about. I don’t know about you, but can’t seem to recall any other title in the FF series, except FF7, that has a compilation THAT broad and given THAT much emphasis.
      Of course there’s still more thing’s I could say the compilation has, but I’ll stop right there.
      Alright, with all that being said, what does that all mean then? It means if they screw this series up (FF7), their gonna (eventually) get a lot of angry fans and possibly loss some (and as a result, loss money).

      With all that being said, despite the fact that they have taken awhile, I still have great faith they will make the game (and they have to, particularly for the last reason I showed you).
      That’s all I can say for now, cause I need to go somewhere like right now, but hopefully that was helpful.

      Okay, peace man!

    • Tash
      Tash 1 April, 2014, 01:28

      Thanks, I guess you’re right. Plus, I give up too easily most of the time in my life(and not just faiths in games), and believe me, my older sister and my mother(My sister mostly) always tells me that I give up too easliy. I was just super stressed, and I did figure that Cloud made the most appearences in Final Fantasy history and Kingdom Hearts history.

      He even showed up in the Japan-only Kingdom Hearts game(X-chi). At least Reno will make an appearence in the upcoming The-whatever musical Final Fantasy 3DS game along with Zack. It’s not the hopeful new title to the Final Fantasy VII compilation series, but it’s close enough.

      I may be a woman, but I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan and a Final Fantasy VII compilation fan all together for male characters and not just females! ;). Plus, everyone needs a break in any kind of workplace, otherwise if we don’t, then we’ll just drop dead from exhaustion.

      I don’t mind of you call me a man or a dude, because I might as well be one since my sister and I both tomboyish, and my sister loves Final Fantasy games. Though the worst Final Fantasy games in history are Final Fantasy XIII and it’s two sequals(though the third one wasn’t so bad and at least it had all of the good characters have a happy ending).

      Again, thanks for calming me down. Sometimes waiting for me is such a big pain, and I get super paraniod. We shall keep up the updates of Final Fantasy games and Kingdom Hearts games(for basically Cloud and Sora), and I’m rather interested in Final Fantasy XV and how it’s storyline goes.

  12. Tash
    #12 Tash 21 April, 2014, 04:25

    I heard that Lightning is gonna make an appearence in Kingdom Hearts 3, but that report was stated on April Fools day, and I bet it was just a joke. I’d love to see Cloud in Kingdom Hearts 3, and Vincent Valentine in the game as well. It’s about time that they placed Vincent in Kingdom Hearts series. Cloud, Sephiroth, Cid, Yuffie and Aerith appeared in the first Kingdom Hearts game, Tifa made her appearence in Kingdom Hearts 2, Zack made his appearence in Birth by Sleep, so I think it’s high time they placed Vincent in as well, and maybe Genesis since the poor guy only made two appearences, and that was in the secret ending of Dirge of Cerberus and is proven the very core of Sephiroth going crazy and was the main antagonist in Crisis Core.

    Plus, with Xehanort about to go bye-bye in Kingdom Hearts 3, they really need to have the similiar backstory coming present for Cloud and his group, and for the Turks as well. What are your thoughts on this, guys?

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  13. Tash
    #13 Tash 23 May, 2014, 04:13

    They’re not gonna make the remake; period. No more sequels either. No remake of Before Crisis. No english translation of Lateral Turks novel. No english dub of On the Way to A Smile series. Just more figurines, music, Cloud appearing in spin-offs, but the series itself will just be left as a cliff-hanger. Nobody’s allowed to know about Genesis or Weiss at all. It’s all in our imaginations and that’s what the world wants. Even if they complete Final Fantasy XV, the Final Fantasy VII Compilation will be a cliff-hanger for good, and the series will be long gone in 2017, just leaving the original game left.

    My letters are thrown into the recycle bin in Japan or where I come from, probably because they said, “Oh no, we can’t send this to Japan. Our post office only sends off letters to other states” or, “This is terrible hand-writing” or, “I’ve never seen this post-code before”, either way, they probably never made it to Japan, only to the tip and fires, burned into ashes.

    Why did the crappy Final Fantasy games(Lightning trilogy, Final Fantasy VI & Final Fantasy XII) get a concludsion and happy endings while the most awesome Final Fantasy games(Final Fantasy VII Compilation) get a cliffhanger that will never get finished or their mysteries never to be solved and to remain ‘secret and make those fans miserable’ unfinished forever!?

    I want at least ONE MORE Final Fantasy VII sequel that has a good ending and concludes the series all together! And have Vincent appear in Kingdom Hearts 3!!!

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  14. Tash
    #14 Tash 26 May, 2014, 04:13

    I just remembered something. I keep hearing that Genesis appeared in the final scenes of Advent Children Complete, but how can that be possible? All I can see is the flowers in the outskirts of Midgar, Cloud and Denzel discussing about Zack’s bravery, and then we see the inside of the Church with the Lifestream waters, and the Buster Sword all good as new with Aerith’s flowers surrounding it.

    The only other appearence years later Genesis made was in the secret ending of Dirge of Cerbers before his(and Zack’s and Sephiroth’s) back story is explained in the prequal Crisis Core.

    *SIGH*, I wish they would say something by now. And I really want to see more, especially since the Turks were absent in Dirge of Cerberus(though I just thought of an idea the other day. Maybe Tseng, Reno, Rude and Elena took Rufus to safety and actually helped Cloud, Tifa and the rest of AVALANCHE to evacuate Edge before DeepGround took over, then the five of them went back into hiding until the situation was sorted, knowing that WRO, Cloud, Vincent and their gang could handle it).

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  15. Tash
    #15 Tash 29 May, 2014, 10:09

    Assuming that the team hasn’t forgotten about the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, as soon as Final Fantasy XV is (FINALLY) released and so is Kingdom Hearts 3(despite the censor-whatever rules Disney has-sad because Disney is a great company for it’s movies, especially for Mickey Mouse and his gang=except for their birthday specials and WFRR+I’m sure you guys can figure this out since out since it’s icky rival(Not Dreamworks(I love Shrek by the way), Paramount(Rugrats is great), Universal(The Mummy Trilogy is awesome) or even the Ice Age movies*Ice Age rules!*) studios I don’t like+-the worst movie of all time=- I’m hoping for Vincent to appear and aid Sora, Donald and Goofy just as Cloud and Tifa did), they’ll finally work on the next entry of Final Fantasy VII that involves Genesis and Weiss, getting Cloud and the Turks stuck into a new situation to save the world, learn more about the mysterious Goddess, and maybe revive Zack and Aerith.

    I’m going all random here, so I might as well reveal the rest of the shows that I like as you guys take notice of the names of the ones that are my top priority: Pokemon(the Anime), Cardcaptor Sakura(again, anime) and especially the original Sailor Moon anime.

    So yeah, my favorites of this list are:

    (1)Mickey Mouse-First Favorite since childhood
    (2)Rugrats-Second since childhood
    (3)Sailor Moon-same age as me and Disney’s Aladdin, believe or not, so the three of us are 22 years old! ^ ^
    (4)Cardcaptor Sakura-It’s a very cute anime
    (5)Pokemon-Ash and Pikachu go on many adventures
    (6)Shrek-introduced back in 2001
    (7)Ice Age-the third film is my favorite
    (8)Kingdom Hearts-Sora, Riku, Kairi, Axel/Lea, Aqua and Ven I really like, and I feel sorry for Isa, since he’s cute as a normal boy
    (9)Final Fantasy VII-especially the first game, Advent Children, Case of Tifa and Case of ShinRa, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, the novel that was never translated, and Dirge of Cerberus
    (10)Pirates of the Caribbean first trilogy-I like the third one best
    (11)National Treasure-I like the second one, waiting for the third one to come out
    And finally, (12) The Mummy Trilogy-Brenden Fraser is awesome, pity they didn’t keep the original actress for the third film.

    Oh yeah, before I forget, I like the Wild Thornberrys as well, but they’re hard to come by since they travel a lot and aren’t really continuum types like the rest in the top list.

    Final Fantasy X is good, but two games are enough for it’s series, Final Fantasy VIII is great as well, but that doesn’t need any sequals, neither does Final Fantasy IX, or the other Final Fantasy games.

    But yeah, back to the main subject, let’s hope that Nomura and his team would finally work on the next sequel to Final Fantasy VII first before they even consider the next entry of Dissidia. I hope he adds Rufus and the Turks in the future sequel as well, as I said earlier, they were off camera and were doing their best to avoid Deepground while helping in trying to save others(aiding Cloud and Tifa). On the other hand, Reno and Rude met Azul before in Before Crisis, so, that’s something.

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  16. Tash
    #16 Tash 6 June, 2014, 12:06

    “At E3 about Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV, I think you should be surprised” says Square Enix. More like, “Let’s make our fans completely disappointed, an continue the delays and never ever go back to Final Fantasy VII Compilation and leave it as a cliffhanger to make those fans forget Cloud and honor Lightning forever”!

    Why does this happen!? They might as well say that they’ll just crush our dreams and shut down the best company in the world!!!! T0T

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  17. Tash
    #17 Tash 14 June, 2014, 03:04

    I’m very sorry for screaming out like that. I have a serious problem with my emotions which take over me like I’m being possessed. I just wish Square Enix would finish Final Fantasy VII Compilation instead of leaving it as a cliffhanger. I wish there was a way to tell them that, because they’re running out of time.

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    • Kung-Fu Platypus
      Kung-Fu Platypus 30 June, 2014, 00:15

      Your still commenting? Lol, okay then….

      Alright look, I don’t think you need to worry so much about the sequel. Yes, it taking a long time, but for all the reasons I told you in my last comment above (particularly reason 7), they HAVE to make it anyways.
      Why is that? Because, not only for its popularity its had since day one, but also because of the large number of fans it has. Of all the FF titles, 7 has been and still is now the one with the most fans.
      That means if they mess this up (and I’m sure their well aware of this) they are going to lose A LOT of fans…Oh! And I forgot to mention money too (personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were losing fans now as we speak).

      (By the way, this is not as important to say, but this is a little side note I want to mention. I just read your more recent comments, and I say this respectfully, your contradicting yourself just by what write down in the comments. Your comment on May 23, you sound SO CERTAIN that their not gonna make the sequel or anything else for that matter, like as if its totally indisputable to say otherwise. However, the very next comments I see you continue to say “I hope”. First off, it doesn’t make any logical sense to hope for something you already know is hopeless. If your absolutely certain they will not make a sequel, then why continue on saying things like “I hope”? The fact that your hoping implies that you think the situation is not entirely hopeless. If it was hopeless, you wouldn’t be hoping at all. Just a thought.)

      There’s more I could say, but again, I got leave, cause I’m being rushed to go somewhere right now.
      Hopefully that may help.

    • Tash
      Tash 2 July, 2014, 06:43

      I guess that’s true. Did you read my other comments in the other updates related to Final Fantasy VII? If so, then that explains how you know about me saying things back and forth. Let’s just say, paitence is not my fortee, and my mind and emotions always escapes from me before I even realise what I actually did. Part of my condition(AKA: Disability-in the area of autisum*If that’s how you spell it*), sadly, and to this day, not a single soul can come up with what on Earth is it.

      Sure, I can write, read and learn like a normal person, and I’m a lot smarter than someone else I know in my life, and I help out around the house since my mum’s a full-time mother since my sister and I were born, but my emotional level and my age-mind level are a mixture of my teenage years and my very younger years, and not my current age(except that I’m probably more mature and get really annoyed with childish arguments-but that’s different), and I can’t help myself. It’s a curse, and God’s honest truth, I’m not lying about this.

      I suppose you have a good point, though. Square Enix love to be secretive, which annoys everyone in the entire Planet. Not to mention that the recent trailers for XV from last year were fake, and the only close released game for next year I can pray on is KH3, but again, that’s just me.

      Oh well, G-Bike is not the sequel or the remake, but it’s pretty and beautifully close, and at least that’s coming out in Japan late this year(Fall as it is comfirmed).

  18. Tash
    #18 Tash 17 July, 2014, 09:01

    While the rumors of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII HD collection on PS4 is most likely never happening(while Lightning Saga does which utterly sucks), Vincent is another new DLC character in Theatryhem Final Fantasy-Curtain Call this month, and I’m praying that it’s another clue to a possible new sequel of Final Fantasy VII and not just a mini-game(and maybe all of the characters-including the Turks- will return).

    Then again, that’s just me, and it’s mostly likely never ever happening. I lost. The Compilation is offically cancelled and over.

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  19. Tash
    #19 Tash 13 August, 2014, 00:32

    Okay…so the remake is coming after all, but this means they won’t continue the Compilation and it also means that the Genesis returning thing is long forgotten and left as a cliff hanger forever. While I’m somewhat looking forward to the remake, I want a new sequel even more, for crying out loud!

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