Final Fantasy VII Fan Film Teaser

by September 4, 2012 0 comments

A remarkably impressive preview of a live-action Final Fantasy VII film has emerged from a pair of Italian film-makers, Gionata Medeot and Mattia Ferraro.

Jason Schreier of Kotaku praised the short video and questioned Medeot about the project.

Medeot told me he hopes to send this teaser to producers and raise funds to turn it into an actual film.

“Aren’t you worried about Square Enix’s lawyers asking you to stop?” I asked him in an e-mail. Square shut down a fanmade Chrono Trigger project back in 2010.

“I know,” he said, “but my lady Tifa knows Hironobu Sakaguchi and when we finish the teaser we’ll send it to him and we hope to be blessed; if not we’ll put it on YouTube equally and fingers crossed.”

He then added, “I hope your movie about Aeris doesn’t wind up like Aeris”. The project has already tried to raise funds through Indiegogo, but managed to secure only $80 of its $1,500 target.

This fan-made wonder has its own Facebook page and YouTube channel, which is home to a high definition version of the trailer and a behind-the-scenes video.

What do you think of it? Would you be interested in seeing the film made? Have your say in our forum!

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  1. Pennyxz
    #1 Pennyxz 4 September, 2012, 21:33

    I liked :), Square Enix please dont be such a pain in the….

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  2. Arth
    #2 Arth 5 September, 2012, 21:19

    It CAN’t get worse than Advent Children,so I’m in.

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  3. Lreis
    #3 Lreis 6 September, 2012, 16:36

    For a fan made movie, i found it quite interesting, just kinda disappointed by barret’s gun, they should try to make the material look more metally (shinier, for example).

    Tifa was really hot, which shows they are adapting the character well :).

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  4. Matthewtheman
    #4 Matthewtheman 6 September, 2012, 19:53

    This trailer needs some Cid.

    I’m curious as to how long this will be, considering it’s hard to include all of the important parts of this long game in a 3 hour movie.

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  5. Simon
    #5 Simon 6 September, 2012, 20:10

    Advent Children Complete will take some beating. This was really well done for a fan made video. NEARLY as good as Pixels audio books 😛

    I would actually prefer if Square Enix actually released more story rather than just redoing already existing script

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  6. Jacob
    #6 Jacob 9 September, 2012, 17:53

    Like the idea but there is no way they would be able to include everything :/. TV series would be more ideal.

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    • Matthewtheman
      Matthewtheman 10 September, 2012, 19:21

      I agree.

  7. wild
    #7 wild 10 September, 2012, 16:08

    I really liked ACC. I watched it over 20 times and i can`t get bored of it.
    This teaser is very touching and very well made. I hope that Square Enix won`t do such a stupid thing like cancelling this movie.
    They should at least consider that is a fan made for fans and be proud of the their most succesful series ever made and of course, be proud of this fantastic work made by fans.

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  8. Wesley
    #8 Wesley 12 September, 2012, 04:16

    Sector 5 is sunnier than I remember!

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    • Jacob
      Jacob 12 September, 2012, 18:26

      That was the first thing I noticed when I watched it1

  9. arc refia
    #9 arc refia 14 September, 2012, 00:53

    Awesome! Hoping that it would be really a good one! ^^ Let’s just wish that instead of cancelling it, SquareEnix would just support it.

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