Before Crisis Chapter Summaries – Overview and Chapters 1 & 2

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Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis is a mobile phone game released originally in Japan in 2004 as a prequel to Final Fantasy VII.  The story begins six years prior to the original title and centres around the Investigation Division of Shinra Inc.’s General Affairs Department…otherwise known as the Turks.  Unfortunately for non-Japanese-speaking fans of the Compilation, Before Crisis has to date not been released outside of Japan.  However, thanks to a handful of loyal individuals, the epic story of Before Crisis can be brought to those of us wishing to delve deeper into the world of Final Fantasy VII.  This is a brief but comprehensive summary of all episodes within the game, offering readers a general understanding of the story.  The translated episode scripts themselves can be found at Dark Angel’s Gunshot Romance site, the individual links to which are at the end of each chapter below, as well as the link to the respective videos on Nico Nico Douga.  (Anyone wishing to view the videos can find instructions on how to do so in this thread).  Alternatively you can watch Kain424’s subtitled videos here, but to date he has only completed as far as episode 8.

I wish at this time to offer a special thank you to Dark Angel and X-Comp, the Dark Ocean, NeoSphere and Nico Nico Douga websites and the members of and, without whom this summary could not be possible.



The Shinra Company, a monopolistic superpower under the dictatorship of President Shinra, has been at war with the Empire of Wutai for close to eight years over the Wusheng’s refusal to grant Shinra Inc. authority to build a Mako Reactor upon sacred grounds on the Wutai Continent.  Following military efforts of the Shinra Army and their elite force, SOLDIER, the War draws to a close in early [ν]-εγλ 0001, with Emperor Godo Kisaragi surrendering to Shinra.  In the aftermath, remnant forces of opposition gather to continue the fight against Shinra.  Chief Verdot, Director of General Affairs and leader of the Turks, begins to recruit new members to the organisation, wary that the Company’s fight is far from over.

Knowing that he must add strength in depth and diversity to the ranks of existing Turks, Verdot recruits a recent graduate from Shinra’s Military School for her exceptional marksmanship skills, a young but notorious ex-gang leader with a hunger to be the best, the daughter of a wealthy family with expertise in hunting, a former bodyguard of Don Corneo and a legend amidst the criminal underworld for his speed and accuracy, a specialist in knife-throwing known for her direct approach to things, and a young man from a rich household who sought employment from the Turks so that he may establish a new life with his fighting abilities.


It was only a matter of time before they would be called into action…



1.  Those Who Lurk in the Night

Midgar  [ν]-εγλ 0001/02/30

Led by the organisation’s combat strategist, Sears, the militant anti-Shinra group AVALANCHE secretly gather in numbers in the sewer tunnels of Sector8 on Midgar’s Plate.  His squads move out into the streets with the Mako Reactor as their destination, killing the guards at its entrance.  A number of the men break into the facility.

The player Turk – the newest recruit to the Turks – has been ordered to patrol the streets of Sector8 as their first mission by assistant to the Chief, Tseng, and Chief of Turks, Verdot.  Discovering the hostile members of AVALANCHE, the player raises the alarm.

AVALANCHE are able to get inside the Reactor by blowing a hole in the main gateway, planning to plant a bomb at its core.  Tseng orders the player to make their way to the centre of the Reactor in order to prevent a catastrophe.  Battling through the hoards of enemies on the Sector8 streets, the player eventually arrives at the Reactor.

They find themselves immediately surrounded by a number of combatants but, as the enemies close in, a senior Turk appears.  Together, the two fend off more AVALANCHE members until at last they are victorious.  The senior Turk introduces himself as Reno and the player briefs him on the situation.  Suddenly, Sears arrives on the scene.  He challenges Reno – Fastest of the Turks – to a duel, and Reno accepts, ordering the player to stop the men at the Reactor core.

Making their way through the facility, the player is successful in killing the AVALANCHE operatives and stopping the detonation, and discards the bomb into the Mako rivers below.  Upon returning to the Plate, the player finds Reno defeated.  Sears attacks the player, and as he prepares to finish them off, a subordinate appears to inform him that Fuhito has ordered that they make their way to Junon immediately.  Annoyed, Sears departs, leaving the two Turks alive.

The player calls Tseng to tell him of AVALANCHE’s plan, and after a brief exchange with Chief Verdot, Tseng replies that they have a huge problem; President Shinra is in Junon.

Read full script here, or watch video here.



2.  By the White Light of Day, the Assassin Smiles

Junon  [ν]-εγλ 0001/02/30

Reno and the player fly to Junon by helicopter, and come to the hotel where the President is residing before his scheduled inspection of the Junon Army.  Although heavily guarded by Shinra soldiers, AVALANCHE operatives are able to infiltrate the hotel, but are stopped by the Turks.  Pleading with the President to cancel the inspection for safety reasons, Verdot is unable to persuade him, and the Turks are ordered to accompany the President to the press room at the company’s Junon Headquarters.

As they make it out onto the street, a small explosive is thrown from a nearby window which separates the player and the President from Reno.  With the player and Shinra soldiers fighting AVALANCHE members and ensuring the safety of the President, they finally arrive at Headquarters.  At the entrance, the player is informed that their duty is to guard the building while the soldiers escort the President to the press office.  This is revealed to be a setup by disguised AVALANCHE operatives, and the player and Reno are able to rescue the President in time.

The press conference goes ahead, but is cut short as the power fails.  The player is sent to fix the problem, and discovers that AVALANCHE are again behind it.  Meanwhile, the power returns, and Reno and the President find themselves faced by the AVALANCHE’s intelligence analyst, Fuhito.  He fights Reno, but escapes, and AVALANCHE retreat.

Shortly afterwards, Verdot calls the player to say that AVALANCHE have taken control of the Mako Cannon, and are attempting to aim it at Midgar.  He orders that the player and Reno make their way to the Cannon to prevent more devastation.  As they leave the President, Fuhito enters the room from a secret passage.  He shoots President Shinra and sneers that his spirit energy is no more important than anyone else’s, leaving him to die.  With frantic breaths, President Shinra calls the number of the one person he knows can resolve the situation; the Captain of SOLDIER, Sephiroth.

Read full script here, or watch video here.



Intro and Episodes 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-11, 12-1415-1718-2021-2223-Epilogue, Rescue and WEAPON, Special Episodes

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