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Final part of the Before Crisis chapter summaries

As well as the 24 episodes of the main story, players of Before Crisis were given the opportunity to learn a bit more about the history of some of their favourite Turks through a trio of side stories involving Tseng, Reno and the Legendary Turk respectively.  While Tseng’s mission was a compulsory episode to be completed between Episode 22 parts 1 and 2, the other two became available following completion of the main game, with Reno’s episode released in time to coincide with the release of Crisis Core.  Each offers a unique insight into the actions and mentality of the three.  Now, with the summaries of these Special Episodes exclusive to, I hope you can enjoy delving a bit deeper into the world of Final Fantasy VII.

Read on to find summaries for the Special Episodes of Tseng, Reno and the Legendary Turk…

Special Episode of Tseng

 Costa del Sol  [ μ ] – εуλ  19XX/XX/XX


  As a rookie Turk, Tseng is given the assignment of investigating the strange kidnapping of a Shinra soldier from one of Shinra’s Mako Reactors.  He is under the command of his idol, Chief Verdot, who has sent him to search a mysterious unregistered vessel that has appeared in the Costa del Sol harbour for information.  Concluding that the only purpose of kidnapping a Reactor guard would be to learn more about the Reactor itself, Tseng believes that the rescue of the soldier is important before he reveals any secrets.

  Boarding the ship, he finds anti-Shinra militants patrolling its passages.  He defeats them and arrives at the control room, where he notices the kidnapped guard on one of the monitors.  Finding the tortured soldier in the confinement room, he discovers a more sinister plot.  The soldier explains that the enemy have been buying stolen Shinra weapons from a black market weapon seller, and have been stocking them aboard the ship.  Torn between his duty as a Turk to investigate the stolen weapons further and his determination to complete his mission to rescue the soldier, Tseng opts for the latter, and escapes the ship with the man.

  Several days later, Verdot tells Tseng that he was wrong to choose the guard’s life over company secrets and that he has failed in his duty as a Turk.  President Shinra orders that the Turks destroy the weapons and all their data, as well as locate the leak within the company who gave the weapon seller information on the stolen weapons’ existence.  Verdot tells Tseng that they will be going together, leaving Tseng stunned as he feels he doesn’t deserve to be included in such an important mission after his previous failure.

  Arriving back at the ship in Costa del Sol, Tseng and Verdot fight their way through the passages against the enemy.  Verdot heads to the hanger where the weapons are being stored while Tseng is ordered to the control room to find and delete all files regarding the weapons.  As he erases the files from the computer system, anti-Shinra operatives break in and escape with a hard copy of the data.

  Meanwhile in the ship’s cargo hold, Chief Verdot discovers an army of Proto Golems.  Approaching the Shinra weapons, they come to life and begin to attack him.  Tseng goes to help his mentor, but Verdot orders that he complete his own task of deleting the files and retrieving the hard data – such is the duty of a Turk.  Finally locating and defeating the enemies, Tseng collects the data and makes his way to the hold to aid Verdot.

  Together, they battle and destroy the large numbers of the machines.  Afterwards, Verdot tells Tseng that he is impressed by what his subordinate has learned but, as the two try to leave, there is an explosion.  As the ship sinks, the ceiling collapses, and Tseng is trapped beneath a steel girder.  He tells Verdot to escape and make sure the Turks accomplish their mission, but Verdot goes against what he has taught Tseng and saves the young man’s life.

  Tseng wakes from intensive care days later to find that Verdot has a scar on his cheek to show his bravery for rescuing him.  He feels guilty but Verdot explains that it reminds him of his daughter and that life is about more than just a job.  They are informed that the Shinra leak has been located in the area around Kalm and that Verdot has to lead the mission to eliminate the threat.  He agrees, knowing that it will give him more time to spend with his wife and daughter, Felecia.  Tseng is commended for uncovering the weapon plot.

Script not available.  Watch video part 1 here or part 2 here.




Special Episode of Reno

 Midgar  [ν]-εγλ 0001/04/01


  Following the mysterious theft of confidential documents from the files on the 45th floor of the Shinra Building a number of hours before, Reno and Rude are sent to guard over the document room and search for clues to the missing files.  Reno complains that he is bored of the work.  Suddenly, an alarm goes of to say that there is an intruder in the building, and a security robot enters the room.  It targets the two Turks due to the high security level, but they defeat it and the others on the 45th floor in defence.

  Verdot contacts them to say that there is a problem with the security robots and the building’s control system that arose simultaneously with the intrusion.  He tells them that Cissnei is looking into the relationship, but they have to stay and continue their investigation.  As he hangs up, Reno notices a bearded man in a lab coat watching them from the shadows, and he chases the fleeing man while Rude tries to cut him off, concluding him to be the person who stole the data.

  The man escapes into the elevator before they can reach him, but Reno blasts a hole in the door and jumps onto the roof of the descending lift.  The hatch on the ceiling is locked and the password has changed due to the security level.  The elevator suddenly stops a long way from the ground floor and then begins to accelerate upwards.  Reno is worried that he may be crushed if he can’t open the hatch.

  Tseng is able to relay the passwords to Reno but, as he breaks the code, a large Shinra weapon crashes onto the roof of the lift.  Reno battles the machine, but it is too strong.  As they approach the height of the shaft, the robot knocks him to his knees, and is crushed into the ceiling, halting the lift and saving Reno.  Sighing with relief, Reno turns to see the hatch pop open and Rude’s head appear.  Rude tells him that they suspect the thief has escaped from the building and they are to continue their investigation as well as help stop the malfunctioning security robots which have escaped onto the streets of Midgar and began attacking civilians.

  On the streets of Sector8, Reno and Rude split up to try and find the machines.  Reno saves a number of people and contacts Cissnei to ask about her situation, only to discover she is in trouble.  Helping Rude against a number of robots, the two make their way to the fountain at the town square where they find Cissnei cornered by two Genesis Clones.  Tseng appears, and then newly promoted First Class SOLDIER Zack, but Reno tells them Cissnei has everything under control.  Tseng orders Reno and Rude to continue their mission to contain the security robots.

  As they head along the streets, they again spot the man in the lab coat.  Gaining Verdot’s permission to follow him, they chase him into the Plate underground.  They are attacked by numerous security robots which seem not to notice the scientist, and Rude concludes that it must have been him who tampered with the Shinra control system.  Cornering the man, they discover him to be Professor Hollander.

  As they close in, two Genesis Clones appear from a hidden passage and fight the Turks, giving Hollander time to escape.  After the battle, Verdot calls and tells them to return to Sector8 as SOLDIER has taken over the investigation of the stolen documents.  Reno is angry by this and says that he should join SOLDIER if he wants to get to do the exciting missions.  Rude replies that if he did that, they would no longer be a partnership.  Reno smiles, knowing that he wouldn’t want that.

Script and video not available.




Special Episode of Legend

Wutai  [ μ ] – εуλ 1999/11/10


  Tseng arrives at the Turks Headquarters having been summoned by Verdot and is told he will be participating in a mission with one of the Turks’ special agents.  He is introduced to the special agent, realising that the man is no other than the once-feared anti-Shinra activist ‘Death God of the Battlefield’ whom he crossed paths with on one of his first missions as a Turk.  Tseng is angered by this and aims his gun at the man, but Verdot calms him down.  The Legend says that he has wasted enough time, and leaves for Wutai.

  The Legendary Turk arrives at a secret Shinra military factory in Wutai that has been overrun by anti-Shinra opertives who have kidnapped a weapons dealer with important links to the company. Tseng informs Legend by phone that his assignment is to rescue the weapons trader and eliminate the enemies before they can leak the confidential information about the facility to the world.  The Legend enters the factory, killing many mercenaries that get in his way with his bombs.

  Planting bombs in strategic parts of the facility, Legend makes his way to the second floor where he discovers the kidnapped dealer being guarded by an old ally with whom he fought alongside in the infamous conflict of 1995.  The two fight and as the Legend emerges victorious, the man reveals that he know the truth regarding the negotiation incident in which Legend participated in 1997.  Legend’s bombs detonate, causing the building to begin to fall apart, and the man dies.

  Releasing the hostage, Legend recognises the man as the weapons dealer who had been part of the 1997 incident.  The man begs him to lead the way to safety, but Legend questions him about the incident.  Unwilling to admit the truth in order to save his own life, the man denies knowledge of what Legend is talking about.  Showing no mercy, the Legend abandons his duty of rescuing the trader, leaving him to die in the collapsing factory.

  As punishment for his actions, Legend is placed under house arrest at Costa del Sol.  Tseng is appalled at this outcome and questions Verdot.  Verdot explains that the judgement was made that even though he abandoned his duty, the Legend still ensured that the company’s secrets were not leaked and had thus completed his primary objective.  Verdot goes on the tell Tseng that in 1997, before he had recruited the Legend into the Turks, there had been an incident at a Mako Reactor where a weapons dealer had entered negotiations with Legend’s anti-Shinra faction.  The dealer had betrayed the activists, and only Legend survived, mourning the loss of his comrades and the little girl who had been so important to him.  When they deduce that the hostage must have been the same weapons dealer, Tseng begins to comprehend the Legend’s actions.

Costa del Sol  [ν]-εγλ 0001/01/10


  Two years later, with the Wutai War drawing to a close, Verdot sent Tseng to Costa del Sol to request Legend return to the Turks to help them with any trouble that may arise in the aftermath.  Tseng arrives in Costa del Sol to discover Legend has become a favourite amongst the ladies of the town, and finds him on the beach.  Tseng asks him to join the Turks again, but he refutes, saying that he enjoys the life at Costa del Sol and does not want to go back to the life where he brought nothing but conflict.  Tseng admits that he understands his actions with the weapons dealer and may have done the same thing if put in that situation.  Legend says that he is no longer worthy of the Turks and wants a fresh start, leaving Tseng to walk away, telling him that the Turks will be waiting for when he changes his mind.

Junon  [ν]-εγλ 0002/02/01

  One year later, with the Turks and the Shinra Army in shambles due to Verdot’s demotion and Heidegger’s incompetence, an attack by AVALANCHE on Junon leaves the city in chaos.  Deciding to act, Verdot calls the Legend and requests that he fight for the Turks against AVALANCHE.  Explaining the situation and how much his comrades need his help, Legend agrees to go to Junon and fight.

  Arriving in Junon, the Legend enters the battle, decimating large numbers of AVALANCHE operatives with his bombs.  As he fights, he realises how much he has missed the battlefield.  Seeing his immense strength and knowing that Verdot has regained control of his post, AVALANCHE begin to retreat, and the Turks again regain control over the city.

  Later at the Turks Headquarters, Verdot shows his appreciation for their efforts and informs them that they were helped by someone.  The Turks are stunned as Legend enters the room and realise that it was because of him that the battle was won.  He is introduced to the Turks as someone of great strength and when Verdot asks him if he has considered what he asked, Legend replies that he has decided to entrust his life to the Turks.

Script and video not available.



Intro and Episodes 1-23-56-89-1112-1415-1718-2021-22, 23-EpilogueRescue and WEAPON, Special Episodes

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