Before Crisis Chapter Summaries – Rescue and WEAPON Modes

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Part 10 of the Before Crisis chapter summaries.

Throughout the game, players are offered the opportunity to take a break from the main storyline and participate in a number of different modes that Before Crisis has available.  They can visit the Gold Saucer, for example, to level up their character Turk at the Battle Square or simply play games at the Wonder Square.  Free Mode allows the player to explore the maps after each episode to complete mini-missions and interact with the non-playable characters that inhabit the area.  Two such modes, however, involve slightly more story-based action.  The first is Rescue Mode where, if you have been KO’d during the main game, you can opt to remain imprisoned until a fellow network gamer rescues you thus allowing you to keep your player ranking, or alternatively you can choose to complete this side-quest and rescue other gamers.   The other is WEAPON mode.  WEAPON Mode is a continuation of the story of Verdot and the player Turks in the period between Zirconiade’s summoning and Meteorfall, and becomes available after the main game has been completed.

Read on to find the summaries of Rescue Mode and WEAPON Mode…


Rescue Mode


  Having failed in one of their missions, a fellow Turk has been captured and imprisoned in one of AVALANCHE’s facilities.  Arriving at the facility, the player breaks in, sneaking through the dark corridors and avoiding the patrolling AVALANCHE guards.  Making their way to the heart of the compound, the player arrives at the prison block to find their comrade locked inside.  Breaking down the door, the player tells their fellow Turk that they have come to rescue them.  The other Turk apologises for being captured, and follows the player out.

  Working as a team, the two battle the vast numbers of AVALANCHE militants that try to stop their escape.  Fighting their way through troops and special operatives alike, the Turks are able to get out of the facility.  The rescued Turk thanks the player, and promises to return the favour if the need ever arises.  The Turks go their separate ways and return to their respective assignments.


Read full script here.  Video not available.





  Following the defeat of Zirconiade, the Turks go into hiding across the Planet, retiring to Midgar, Junon, Costa del Sol, Cosmo Canyon, Icicle Inn, and Wutai.  A number of weeks afterwards, Chief Verdot calls the player to inform them that the Planet unleashed a WEAPON to defend itself against the threat of Zirconiade, but the WEAPON has now turned on the Turks.  The existence of the Jade WEAPON is to eradicate anyone and anything that is harmful to the Planet.  However, because the Turks were successful in defeating Zirconiade, instead of going back to sleep, the WEAPON considered them as a threat due to the fact they destroyed something that was a large part of the Planet’s ecology.

  The Chief warns the player that the WEAPON has already begun attacking the other Turks and that it must be stopped in order for them to survive.  The player uses an advanced radar system on their PHS to track and hunt the Jade WEAPON across the Planet using the dark mist that it generates as it moves.  This dark mist can only be penetrated by the light given from the Materia Pillars across the Planet and thus gives the Turks protection from the WEAPON.

  Coming to a location covered in mist, the player battles clusters of three strange oval-shaped enemies.  Suddenly, the Jade WEAPON reveals itself above the place, and it is only then that the player Turk realises the enormity of the monster.  It releases more clusters and begins to attack from above the player.  Defeating the clusters, the player launches an assault on the WEAPON, but it retreats and disappears to another part of the Planet to do battle with another member of the Turks.  Finally, after nine long battles at each location, the Jade WEAPON is defeated, and the Turks are able to return into hiding.

  On a side note, there is a further assignment for the player when a fellow Turk has been defeated and captured by WEAPON.  This is known s WEAPON-D mode.  The mode consists of the player being taken to another dimension by the WEAPON where contact with their comrades is blocked. Fighting their way through a number of enemies including Golems and a shadow version of the player, the Turk is able to rescue their colleague and return to the normal world.

Script and video not available.


Intro and Episodes 1-23-56-89-1112-1415-1718-2021-22, 23-Epilogue, Rescue and WEAPON, Special Episodes

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