Before Crisis Chapter Summaries – Chapters 3, 4 & 5

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Part 2 of the Before Crisis chapter summaries.

Anti-Shinra militant group, AVALANCHE, have been thwarted in their attempts to destroy Mako Reactor8 in Midgar by the newest recruit to the Turks.  Regathering their forces at Junon, AVALANCHE gain control of the Mako Cannon in a plot to aim it at Midgar.  The Turks move to stop them, unaware that an assassination attempt has already been made on President Shinra’s life.


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3.  Swords Clashing in the Evening Shadows

Junon  [ν]-εγλ 0001/02/30

Reno takes command of a squadron of Shinra troops on the streets of Junon against the vast numbers of AVALANCHE operatives who have blocked the path to the Mako Cannon.  Meanwhile, the player Turk races through the underground passages to reach the control room of the Cannon.  Tseng informs the player that the President has been shot, but has been taken to hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

As they approach the facility, the player finds many dead AVALANCHE members, slain by the robots of Shinra’s state-of-the-art security system which has been activated to prevent anyone else entering the building.  The player struggles on through the many systematic security settings, battling to stay live.  As they near the control room, they are attacked by three highly-skilled AVALANCHE warriors. Only able to fend off two at a time, the third breaks into the control room and begins the final launch sequence, setting off an alarm.

Quickly killing the two enemies, the player reaches the control room with mere seconds until launch, only to find the launch sequence cancelled, and the room splattered with blood and bodies.  Tseng calls the confused player to congratulate them, but they inform Tseng that it was not of their doing.

As they hang up, a woman enters the control room and erupts with anger at the sight of her massacred comrades.  She battles the player, forcing them outside, but is far too strong for the Turk.  The woman drives the Turk backwards to the edge of the helipad but, as she readies her final blow, Sephiroth appears and saves the player.

The woman is able to parry Sephiroth’s attacks, and retreats, realising that it was he who stopped the launch. She reveals herself to be Elfé, the leader of AVALANCHE.  She tells Sephiroth that she and her group are fighting for the life of the Planet, and asks him what he believes is his reason for fighting.  Before he can answer, she runs off into the shadows of the Mako Cannon.  Making sure the player is alright, Sephiroth leaves, pondering his purpose as a SOLDIER.

Read full script here, or watch video here.





4.  Proof of a Scar-Filled Existence

Costa del Sol [ν]-εγλ 0001/03/16

Under the orders of President Shinra that the armed forces must be strengthened again following the end of the Wutai War, and the emergence of many anti-Shinra organisations, the Turks are dispatched across the world to search for possible candidates for SOLDIER.  The search ends in Costa del Sol, where they have been informed that many such candidates could be found in Club Duel.

The player Turk arrives inside Club Duel and makes a deal with the fighters inside that if the Turk can defeat the strongest of them, the King, then they must all go with them to the Shinra ship in the harbour.  After a series of fights, the player beats the King, and takes the fighters back to the ship where Reno and his partner Rude wait, locking them in a cell below deck.  Already in the cell is an enormous man named Azul.

When the player goes to investigate the cell, they find that Azul has defeated the other prisoners – including the King – and challenges the player to a fight.  The two do battle and Azul almost wins but, as he prepares to deal the finishing blow, Rude appears and knocks him to his feet with a single punch.  Azul swears to become stronger.

The Turks learn that AVALANCHE have been spotted approaching the ship, and they fight the oncoming operatives in the harbour, unaware that Sears has boarded their vessel and slipped below deck to release the prisoners.  Forcing AVALANCHE to retreat, the Turks scour the coastal town for the escapees.  Most are returned to the cell, watched over by the player.

Reno and Rude find Sears on the beach and they fight.  Sears is able to defend himself for a time but is surprised by how he has underestimated their power, especially that of Rude – Strongest of the Turks.  He manages to get away with a number of the prisoners on the AVALANCHE boat.

Meanwhile, at the harbour, the player Turk is approached by Azul, who demands a rematch.  After a long fight, the player is victorious.  They ask Azul why he returned to the ship when he so easily could have escaped, to which he replies that in his desire to become the strongest fighter in the world, he must first join SOLDIER so that he may challenge the best.  When Reno and Rude return, the Turks set sail for Midgar with many strong candidates.

Read full script here, or watch video here.




5.  The Dream of a Nameless Soldier

Midgar  [ν]-εγλ 0001/06/28

A data disk containing the secrets of the Shinra’s elite force, SOLDIER, is being transferred from the Slums of Midgar to Shinra Headquarters by a Shinra scientist named Professor Rayleigh.  The player Turk is sent by Chief Verdot to escort Rayleigh back to Headquarters, but states that the disk must be kept safe at all cost.  At the Sector7 train station, the player meets Rayleigh who is already accompanied by a team of Shinra soldiers, one of whom reveals himself as a young boy named Cloud.

As the train pulls into the station, the party are attacked by AVALANCHE operatives seeking the data disk.  The player Turk and the soldiers hold off the enemies, but Cloud argues with the player as his mission is to protect Rayleigh, whereas theirs is to protect the disk.  A powerful AVALANCHE combatant clad all in black appears and kills all the Shinra soldiers but Cloud with strong magic, battling with the player while Cloud and Rayleigh are taken hostage on the train.  The black AVALANCHE introduces himself as Tierce, and is eventually defeated by the Turk.

The player is able to catch up with the train as it ascends the central support tower, and rescues Cloud and Rayleigh from the enemy.  The train is attacked by two more black AVALANCHE, and the player Turk realises that the data disk and the scientist can both be protected at the same time.  The player disables the last car and does battle with the two AVALANCHE while the car slows and starts rolling back down the tracks.  The black AVALANCHE reveal themselves to be named Kyneugh and Kanos.  Defeating them both, the player is once again able to climb up through the service tunnels to catch up on Cloud and Rayleigh.

The Turk arrives in time to find Tierce about to seize the disk, and they promptly kill the black AVALANCHE.  Outside, Kyneugh and Kanos approach the train with a number of other AVALANCHE operatives.  The player tells Cloud to grab Tierce’s sword and help them fight the enemy.  Cloud shows exceptional talent as a swordsman and the two are able to defeat the AVALANCHE members.  Returning to the train, they find Rayleigh wounded, and Tierce gone.  Rayleigh explains that he had regenerated before her eyes and simply stood up, escaping with the data disk.  The Turk phones Verdot to inform him that the information has been stolen.

Meanwhile, Fuhito is able to decipher the code on the disk and learn the secrets of the genetically-modified SOLDIER.  When Elfé asks him if he can use the information to enhance the power of his Ravens, Fuhito admits that he must first gain additional knowledge from the man who knows most about SOLDIER and the legendary Sephiroth – Professor Hojo.

Read full script here, or watch video here.

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