Before Crisis Chapter Summaries – Chapters 23, 24, 25 & Epilogue

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Part 9 of the Before Crisis chapter summaries.

The summoning of Zirconiade has begun.  Although able to save Elfé, the Turks are unable to stop Fuhito as he continues with his plan to end the world, and begin pursuit of him.  Meanwhile, having come to an arrangement with Vice President Rufus, Tseng is able to rescue Verdot from Shinra with the help of Reno and Rude.

Read on to find summaries for Episodes 23, 24 and the finale of the story…

23.  The Reckless Run Towards Unstoppable Destruction

Midgar  [ν]-εγλ 0007/10/05


  A huge electric blue sphere of energy hangs in the sky above Midgar, signalling the summoning of Zirconiade, with arms of crackling light reaching down to the edge of the Slums to form a pathway into the beast’s domain.  Escaping with the fused orb of Elfé’s and the four Support Materia, Fuhito makes his way through the path of light so that he may offer the new Materia to the incomplete Zirconiade.  Leaving the unconscious Elfé on the highway to be rescued by a friend, the player Turk begins their pursuit.

  Some time later, Tseng, Verdot, Reno and Rude escape the city limits and arrive at the meeting point a short distance into the wastelands to find a truck waiting for them.  Elfé emerges from the vehicle and Verdot is overcome with joy to see his daughter, Felecia.  Elfé is remorseful for her part in Fuhito’s plan but as they go to board the truck, they are surrounded by Shinra soldiers.  Meanwhile, having freed Rufus from his confinement at Turk Headquarters, President Shinra believes his son has learned his lesson, but Rufus secretly thinks his time for taking over is soon.

  The rest of the Turks gather at the pathway to Zirconiade’s domain.  Deciding to split up into pairs, they begin to chase Fuhito, knowing that they must stop him before he reaches Zirconiade.  Entering the light, the player and their comrade are transported into another dimension.  Using a series of glowing circles to transport themselves, the Turks navigate the maze, battling a number of shadow monsters along the way.  At Shinra Headquarters, Rufus makes his father a proposal about the Turks which he believes will ensure the glory of the Shinra Company.

  The player Turk and their partner arrive at an area inhabited by behemoths.  Defeating the monsters, the two discuss how the plan to stay with the Turks after the situation is resolved as they think there would be no way Shinra could refute their worth.  As more behemoths attack, the player is encouraged by their fellow Turk to keep going and stop Fuhito while they take care of the beasts.

  Continuing on through the maze, the player Turk eventually arrives at the place where Fuhito waits.  Fuhito explains that Zirconiade slumbers up ahead and that the Planet is mere minutes away from being rejuvenated by all life returning to it.  He shoots his Mako gun at the player, but the Turk is tackled out of the way by Sears just in time.  Sears describes how he was able to pick up Elfé from the highway and get her safely to the meeting point, promising her that he would fight on through the pain of his wounds to put an end to Fuhito’s plan and her suffering, helping the other Turks in the maze along the way.

  Together, the player and Sears take on Fuhito.  Knocking him down, they go to retrieve the Materia but he inserts it into his own body, saying that he will sacrifice his own life and offer it up to Zirconiade so that it may use him to become complete.  Before their eyes, he transforms into a hideous creature.  Snatching Sears in his enormous scythe-like claws, Fuhito throws him to the ground, leaving him unable to move.  Swearing he will do whatever it takes save the life of the Planet, he once again battles with the player.

  After a lengthy fight, Fuhito closes in on the Turk.  With one final surge, Sears climbs to his feet and punches Fuhito as hard as he can.  As Fuhito swings his scythes at him, splattering blood all around, the force of Sears’ blow shatters the Materia and the two disappear in an explosion.  Knowing that the Materia is destroyed and Zirconiade can never be complete, the player Turk limps towards the place where the world-burning summon slumbers.

  Meanwhile in the wastelands, having received a message from Headquarters, a Shinra soldier informs the Turks that President Shinra is willing to drop the charges against them on the condition that they execute the Shinra traitor and the leader of AVALANCHE.  Reno and Rude react furiously to this but Tseng and Verdot remain quiet.  Suddenly, Tseng draws his pistol and aims it at an infantryman, causing the other soldiers to target their weapons at him.  Stating that he has made his decision, he spins and shoots Elfé.  Verdot says that Tseng has made the right choice and ensured the preservation of the Turks.  Thanking him for everything he has done, Tseng shoots Verdot.

Read full script part 1 here or part 2 here, or watch video part 1 here and part 2 here.



24.  The Concerto Which Breaks the Limit

Midgar  [ν]-εγλ 0007/10/05


  Having loaded the bodies of Verdot and Elfé onto the truck, Tseng tells the soldiers he will ride in the back while they return to Midgar so that he may be with his old mentor until the end.  Reno and Rude make no move to join him, still horrified by what has happened.  The vehicle drives off, leaving the two Turks mourning in the wastelands.

  Fighting through hoards of shadow monsters, the player Turk continues to progress through Zirconiade’s domain towards the sleeping summon.  Using the PHS, they find they are unable to contact their fellow Turks but keep going nonetheless, believing their colleagues are doing the same.  Coming to a wide platform, the player is confronted by a large crystal-shaped organism known as a Zirconiguard.  In the knowledge that the Zirconiguard is blocking the way to Zirconiade, the Turk defeats it.

  Running on, the player begins to feeling an overwhelming pressure upon them.  Pulses of green energy surround the pathway and the player senses they are being drawn by a strong force towards the end of the passage.  Hoping that their comrades are alright, the ground around the Turk begins to shake and they are cast into a fierce storm.  As everything clears, the player finds themselves face to face with Zirconiade which has awoken from its cocoon.

   Zirconiade begins shooting beams of energy at the player, knocking them down.  Retaliating, the player attacks the summon, but is dismayed to discover their attacks are having no effect.  As they retreat, knowing that they have to do something, some of the other Turks appear.  They explain that they have destroyed all of the other Zirconiguards and that they should now be able to defeat Zirconiade.

  The Turks battle the summon.  After many strikes, Zirconiade unleashes a blast that knocks all the Turks down.  Struggling to get to their feet, the player realises that the others have been knocked out.  They fight on with Zirconiade but become more weary as the battle continues.  Taking heavy hits, the player begins to hear the voices of the people they have met over the years as a Turk; the people who have helped them become the person they are.  With one final push, the player unleashes their limit break upon Zirconiade.

  In the wastelands below giant glowing sphere of energy, Reno and Rude watch as Zirconiade’s domain begins to shatter and the world-burning summon disintegrates.  Incredible light flashes above Midgar as Zirconiade falls towards the earth, sending a rippling shockwave out across the sky.  Reno and Rude look on helplessly, wondering what has become of their fellow Turks.  Meanwhile, at the tree light spectacle in Sector8, Aerith watches the particles float to the ground, hoping that it is snow.

Read full script here, or watch video part 1 here and part 2 here.



25.  The Cantata That Connects Comrades

Midgar  [ν]-εγλ 0007/12/09


  Tseng is summoned to an Executive hearing to discuss the Turks’ fate.  Scarlet proposes that for their insubordination, the Turks should be disbanded and the three survivors of the affair executed.  As President Shinra prepares to sentence them, Rufus arrives with Reno and Rude and demands that they stop before they make a huge mistake.  The President states that the very existence of the Turks poses a threat to the company but Rufus argues that they have already proven their loyalty by assassinating Verdot and Elfé.

  Later, Tseng thanks Rufus for persuading the Executive to allow the Turks to continue.  Rufus answers that he didn’t do it for their sake, but for his own.  As he leaves, alarms sound in the building to say there is an emergency situation at Mako Reactor1.  Knowing that although their organisation may change, their pride for their job will not falter.  Tseng, Reno and Rude run off and go back to work.  Rufus’ report states that Chief Verdot and the leader of AVALANCHE were assassinated by the Turks and that the player Turk was killed in action.


Midgar  [ν]-εγλ During Meteorfall


  Having evacuated the civilians of Sector4, Reno arrives at the meeting place.  Rude and Elena soon appear, reporting that Sectors 2 and 3 are also clear.  They conclude that Sector5 is their next assignment and hurry there.  They find Tseng next to a crumbling building and he explains that there are people still trapped beyond it.  Suddenly, part of the building collapses.  Thinking that a rescue would be too much for only four of them, they hear a voice from behind.  They turn to discover Verdot and their former comrades have arrived.  Verdot asks Tseng what his orders are, to which he replies it is urgent that they evacuation the remaining civilians of the city.  All the Turks get to work.



Read full script here, or watch video here.



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