The Lifestream Podcast – Episode 20

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Episode 20: XV News and More!

It’s the twentieth episode of The Lifestream Podcast! Join Join Carlie, JasonTandro, lithiumkatana17, Ryushikaze, and vaderSW1 as they go on a mythical journey into all things Final Fantasy!

In this episode we briefly discuss some current Final Fantasy (and related) news:

  • The Lifestream.Net announces affiliation with KupoCon 2017
  • A special announcement regarding The Lifestream Final Fantasy Retrospective for Final Fantasy VI
  • The Lifestream Community Reading
  • Brotherhood:  Final Fantasy XV Episode 2
  • Final Fantasy XIV:  Heavensward Patch 3.3 – Revenge of the Horde
  • Kingsglaive:  Final Fantasy XV receiving a limited theatrical release in North America
  • A King’s Tale:  Final Fantasy XV
  • E3 Trailer for Final Fantasy XV
  • Final Fantasy XV VR feature
  • Wait Mode for Final Fantasy XV
  • World of Final Fantasy release dates
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 Online confirmed coming to North America and Europe
  • Gamespot article regarding a possible future Ivalice game entry

We then move onto our main topic of discussion – The announcement of Final Fantasy XII:  The Zodiac Age – before responding to some listener feedback.

This episode’s question for the listeners is: What do you think of Square Enix’s E3 presentation?  Did it excite you even more for Final Fantasy XV? Email us at [email protected] or reply to the episode post on the Lifestream Forums and let us know! We’d also love to hear your questions, comments, and episode topic suggestions, and we’d appreciate it if you could leave us a review on iTunes. We will do our best to read your feedback on air!

Music appearing on this podcast:

  • “Take a Chance” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • “Discovery Hit” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • “The Lonely Man” composed by Joseph Harnell from The Incredible Hulk (Music from the Television Series)

Total run time: 1:55:22. Contains explicit language.


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