The Lifestream Final Fantasy Podcast – Episode 26

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It’s the 26th episode of The Lifestream Final Fantasy Podcast! Join Flintlock, Lex, Lith and Tennyo as they discuss the latest Final Fantasy news – and there’s a lot of it!

News featuring in this episode includes:

This episode did not have a main discussion topic for time reasons, but we’d still like to hear your suggestions for future topics and general feedback! Email us at [email protected], comment on our YouTube upload of this episode, leave a message on our forum or in the comments below and we’ll read a selection of your feedback in the next episode! We’d also appreciate it if you could leave us a review on iTunes.

Music appearing on this podcast:

Total run time: 1:57:48. Contains explicit language.

With thanks to Tennyo, ChipNoir and Pixel.

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