The Unused Text Part 12: The Endgame!

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Today, almost six years after Part 1 was published on the Lifestream, the final numbered installment of the Unused Text Series at last graces the web.

Unused Text Part 12: End of Disc 2 – Final Dungeon

One can compare Part 12 with the defeating of the final boss: The ending credits may have rolled, but there are still many sidequests or even post-endgame content to be explored. The sidequests in regards to the Unused Text Series would be dissections of the Debug Rooms and some complementary appendices.

Will these articles ever see the light of day? Time will tell. For now, you can enjoy what there is to find via the Unused Text Series Index, which apart from Parts 1-12 also includes a dissection of the unused fields of FFVII.

Wish to join the forum discussion about the new installment to this long-running article series? Then share your comments in the following thread.

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