FFXV fan theories and observations archive now live!

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The expansion promised for our Final Fantasy XV lore archive when we posted it last month is finally here! Check out the many fan theories and observations that have come out of Square Enix’s latest entry to the series we all love.

Final Fantasy XV fan theories and observations

Also, be aware that — after the point was made by more than one of our fellow fans — since the lore exposition and development section of the lore archive was nearly a complete script of the game (with regard to the main story and side quests), it felt frustratingly unfinished. The point has been well taken, and the section is being revised as we speak to “complete” the script.

Quotation marks are being used here around “complete,” by the way, for the simple fact there is far too much dialogue in the game spread among its many NPCs, during battles, and while traveling to ever reasonably assume all of it has been compiled by anyone who isn’t holding all the data files (i.e. Square Enix). This in mind, please anticipate that while the script will offer a comprehensive overview of the game’s main story, its side quests, its key items, and many a segment of incidental dialogue, it will not have every last written or spoken word. But we’re still going to do our best to give you something awesome!

As always, thanks for reading!

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