Cloud triumphs as Lifestream community’s top character

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We have a winner! The Lifestream community has been voting for its all-time favourite Final Fantasy Character for the past month, and unsurprisingly put forward two characters from Final Fantasy VII for the final. After a tense and extremely hard-fought battle, Cloud managed to defeat Tifa by just a single vote in 59 to become the outright winner. Elsewhere, Vivi had an easier time beating Aerith to third place, picking up 22 votes to her 12. Here’s what our members had to say about their top four characters.

Winner – Cloud Strife

Competition record: first in VII qualifying (11 votes), first in group 1 (29 votes), beat Celes in quarter-final (32-11), beat Vivi in semi-final (31-28), beat Tifa in final (30-29)

penandpaper was one of many members who appreciated Cloud’s in-game development:

I really do love the way his character is presented and developed over the course of the game. He, in a sense, feels real to me.

Being a “mixed-up kid”, as Aerith dubbed him, endeared Cloud to Hawkeye:

He wasn’t a badass at all. He was physically strong, sure, but that aloof, too-awesome-to-care attitude he had was total bullshit – and he didn’t even know it, much less a first-time player of the game!

X-SOLDIER summed up his struggle:

Despite everything that’s pitted against him on a mental and physical level, he manages to overcome it all against seemingly unbeatable odds, and who both discover and define who he really is.

Runner-up – Tifa Lockheart

Competition record: second in VII qualifying (10 votes), first in group 4 (18 votes), beat Fang in quarter-final (38-15), beat Aerith in semi-final (34-10), lost to Cloud in final (29-30)

AvecAloes thought Tifa made an excellent supporting character:

As far as a “side kick” character goes, Tifa’s story is really in depth and tragic.

Celes Chere liked that she was down-to-earth:

She’s just so selfless and humble while being beautiful and physically strong and she doesn’t even recognize it. I find that to be an incredibly awesome trait in a character – and in a human being.

Meanwhile, OneWingedDemon had unique reasons for liking her:

She calls Barret a retard and tells Cloud he’s fucking messed up. And she’s a booze provider, so she’s like god’s gift to mortals.

Third place – Vivi Orunitia

Competition record: first in IX qualifying (14 votes), second in group 3 (10 votes), beat Kain in quarter-final (20-13), lost to Cloud in semi-final (28-31), beat Aerith in third place play-off (22-12)

Vivi’s strength and determination gained Max Payne‘s approval:

He decided to take hold of his life and fight for everyone’s sake instead of feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t need to wallow in misery for some time to get his head straight and I respect that.

Splintered observed the contrast between Vivi and other characters in Final Fantasy IX:

He’s such a wonderful example of how strength of character doesn’t just appear to those who always act strong. I mean, look at how other characters react when they face the truth about their mortality. Kuja goes berserk and tries bring everyone down with him. The other black mages decide to give into Kuja in hopes of preventing it. But Vivi just keeps fighting not just for him but for everyone like him.

Hiramaru Kazuya wrote a whole letter in support:

Vivi, you must know of the tear I shed when I followed your journey. You had made me reflect on my life, to appreciate what I have, and to never take them for granted. You taught me that, regardless of duration, life is grand as long as we live it to the fullest that we can. I have realized that my existence has meaning.

Fourth place – Aerith Gainsborough

Competition record: third in VII qualifying (7 votes), first in additional nominations (7 votes), first in group 3 (16 votes), beat Lightning in quarter-final (30-21), lost to Tifa in semi-final (10-34), lost to Vivi in third place play-off (12-22)

Tifa Lockhart, regardless of her name, had praise for Aerith:

I love her personality and spunky attitude. She may not be super strong, but she’s strong in her own way and can definitely hold her own. She’s just amazing all around.

Rapunzel commented not only on Aerith’s character, but also on the scene she is often remembered for:

Aerith for me. I love her. She’s sweet, but has that spunk about her, that I find so endearing. I still think her death is one of the most depressing moments in video game history.

Finally, Fangu summed her up in four words:

Aerith is smart, feisty, naughty and funny.

Complete results

First: Cloud
Second: Tifa
Third: Vivi
Fourth: Aerith
Defeated quarter-finalists: Lightning (5th), Fang (6th), Kain (7th), Celes (8th)
Defeated group stage participants: Kefka (9th), Auron (10th), Sazh (11th), Zidane (12th), Cecil (13th), Balthier (14th), Rikku (15th), Freya (16th), Lulu (17th), Yuna (18th), Laguna (19th), Squall (20th), Faris (21st), Garland (22nd), Firion (23rd), Ingus (24th)

Thanks to everyone who took part, and look out for further tournaments on the Lifestream!

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