Join us at Mind the Pom!

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The second KupoCon event, Mind the Pom, is being held in London tomorrow (Saturday).

It’s going to be a huge gathering of Final Fantasy fans, so the Lifestream has teamed up with Kupocon to promote the event. We’re also sending a delegation of about a dozen people, so even if you’re not a regular visitor, we’d love it if you stopped by to say hi to us – just look for the Cookie Monster.

If you don’t have a ticket, there may still be some available at the door if you arrive at 9 AM (UK time) at the Royal National Hotel on Bedford Way, WC1H 0DG, London. The event itself starts at 10 AM. More information can be found at @KupoConEN on Twitter and the KupoCon website. See you there!

Above: Mind the Pom artwork from the KupoCon website.

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