Before Crisis Special Episode of the Legendary Turk (Extended Summary)

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Below you’ll find the a summary of the Before Crisis – Final Fantasy VII Special Episode featuring the Legendary Turk. Enjoy reading up on the legendary badass of the Turks. A big thanks to S & G for bringing us this summary!

Mission 1


With the end of the lengthy War between the Empire of Wutai and the Shinra Company inevitably approaching, many people across the Planet rejoice in the prospect of peace for the first time in over eight years. However, Chief of Turks, Verdot, is much less optimistic. Believing it only to be a matter of time before a new threat rises in the wake of Wutai’s defeat at the hands of the Shinra Army, he decides that he must take pre-emptive action; recalling a certain man to the Turks.

Tseng arrives at Turk Headquarters having been summoned by Verdot, and is told that he is to go to Costa del Sol and recall the man who was placed under house arrest there. Tseng is confused by the circumstances, knowing that the man had been sent there because of his actions in an incident two years before, and wonders if it would be a good idea to allow him to return given that he is still on probation. Verdot explains that due to the increased activity of anti-Shinra organisations, it is important that they are well prepared and that the Turks need the man’s power. He tells Tseng that his assignment is to persuade the man by all means necessary to return to duty. Tseng is highly reluctant, but says that he will do whatever the Chief asks.

Arriving in Costa del Sol, Tseng goes to the house where the man is supposed to be. Discovering him not to be there, he begins to search the town. Coming to the town square, he meets two young sisters named Juli and Rose and shows them a picture of the man, asking them if they know of him. The girls giggle and say that they do, and discuss between themselves that they had seen him with Jesse earlier and Katherine the day before. They say that he is a charming man and is friends with everyone.

They ask Tseng if he is a friend of the man. Tseng strongly refutes this, but asks if they know where he is now. They point him in the direction of the beach and he thanks them. The two sisters walk off towards the Bar del Sol arguing about which one of them is next to go on a date with the man. Tseng get annoyed that the man has been enjoying himself too much.

Tseng follows their information and soon finds the man he is looking for standing on the beach, dressed in a black suit, smoking a cigar as he looks out to sea. He slowly approaches the man from behind, but the man chuckles to himself and, without turning around, tells Tseng that when closing in on the enemy, he should learn to quieten his footsteps like he was taught. Tseng is stunned as he believes he had remained silent.
The man says that they have not seen one another since his last mission in 1999 and asks if Tseng has come to saddle him with punishment as well. Tseng replies that he has come for a different reason, causing the man to laugh. He explains that he has come because Verdot needs his strength and has requested he rejoin the Turks. The man asks Tseng if he thinks that having spent time in such a beautiful place, with the sun and cheerful women, he would actually want to return to Midgar. He says that he may not be as strong as he used to be as he has not been training the same way that Tseng has, and decides that they will do battle to test out his abilities.

The two duel; Tseng using his pistol to defend himself as the man tosses bombs in his direction, moving quickly to avoid the explosions. Tseng tries to read the pattern of the man’s attacks, hoping that he has a chance of winning. The man mocks his aim as they fight, watching Tseng struggle as although he has improved, the man is still too fast and powerful. He arrogantly offers advice as he dodges Tseng’s bullets, telling him that it is fatal on the battlefield not to take advantage of openings to kill one’s enemies. Finally coming to rest, he chuckles as Tseng continues to aim at him, and says that it is exactly the same as the first time they met. Tseng begins to remember the events of that day.

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