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Space Development Department

The department in charge of Shinra’s space development. Its manager is Palmer, and Cid, who is famed as a legendary pilot, also belongs to this department. In the era of this game, the launch of the rocket
“Shinra 26” is drawing near, and the department is seeing its golden age. However, as told in “FFVII” and “BC” after the rocket launch ends in failure, the department is downsized. Following this, it remained out of the spotlight until the Jenova War when the rocket is used as a counter-measure against Meteor.

Aerith and Tseng

Tseng was given the assignment to secure Aerith, the last surviving Ancient in the world, and for many years has continued to request her assistance for Shinra. However, Aerith despised Shinra for the lose of her parents at their hands, and refused all of his requests. But undeterred, Tseng continued to try to persuade her without resorting to force.

Incidentally, their relationship is also shown in “FFVII” and “BC”. According to rumours among the Turks, Tseng seems to harbour special feelings for Aerith, but whether those are love or not isn’t certain. On the other hand, Tseng also seems to be somewhat special to Aerith, and in “FFVII” she says: “…Tseng’s with our enemy, the Turks, but I’ve known him since we were little… There’s not a lot of people I can say that about. In fact, there are probably only a handful of people in the world who really know me.”

Meeting with Aerith

The scene from this game where Zack falls from the sector 5 mako reactor down to the slum church and meets Aerith is basically the same situation in which Cloud and Aerith meet in “FFVII”. According to Mr. Nojima from the development staff, this was made as a scene to intentionally connect them, and in the same way Zack’s “one date” line connects to Aerith’s “one date” line to Cloud in “FFVII.”

Aerith and Flowers

Aerith, a descendant of the Ancients, can read the feelings of flowers, and even in barren land like Midgar can make flowers blooms. In this game, through her meeting with Zack, she is seen experiencing the joy of selling flowers (closer to the joy of giving flowers to more people, rather than of monetary gains). It is probably because of this experience that she continues to sell flowers in “FFVII”.

What’s more, she doesn’t go lightly when it comes to people who damage her flower garden. Zack in this game, Reno in “FFVII”, and the AVALANCHE members Shears and Fuhito have all being on the receiving end of her anger.

Aerith’s House

Aerith’s house, in the sector 5 slum. She lives there with her foster mother Elmyra. It does not appear in this game, but in “FFVII” and “BC” there are flower beds in the garden filled with many types of flowers.

Aerith’s Letters

The letters Aerith wrote to Zack after he went missing following the Nibelheim incident. She wrote a total of 89 letters over 4 years; 88 of those were left with Tseng, and the final letter was given to the Angeal Copy that had settled in the church.


A SOLDIER 2nd Class who appeared in “BC”. He had been on assignments with Zack in the past, and since then they were close friends. He participated in the assault against AVALANCHE at Icicle Lodge in [ ν ] -εуλ 0002, and was killed in battle. During one of the flashbacks with Tseng in the D.M.W. in this game, there is a scene where Zack and Tseng visit the grave-markers of Essai and Sebastian.

Crescent Unit [aka: Engetsu Corps]

A special unit with the Wutai Army. An elite group, said to “appease the wrath of Leviathan and smite the enemies of Wutai,” and skilled not only in combat but also in espionage. Like other Wutai soldiers,
they are armed with gun-lances. For their uniforms, the privates wear uniforms with a grey base and trousers embroidered with a chakram*, and the commanders uniforms with a black base and trousers embroidered
with a dragon, and wear a mask. It is a custom for each member to be given a name related to the moon. The Five Saints of Wutai also belong to this unit, and after the end of the Wutai war they gathered
together the remnants of the Wutai army. They hate Zack for dealing the fatal blow to the Wutai Army in the attack on Fort Tamblin.

[NB: ‘Engetsurin’ means ‘chakram’, and has appeared in past FF games
as a weapon or item (named Razor Ring, Pinwheel, Moonring, etc. in the
English versions). In the Japanese version, the members were named
“[s/t]-moon”, which was replaced in the English version by the Latin
word for the first part of the Japanese names.]

Treasure Hunter

The profession Yuffie takes in her emails when she calls out Zack. The way she casually calls herself the treasure “princess” is a good reflection of Yuffie’s personality.

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    Actually I’m confused, how can Crisis Core start in 2000 but BC start in 0001?

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    • Suzaku
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      Crisis Core starts in [ μ ] – εуλ 2000, Before Crisis starts in [ ν ] – εуλ 0001.

      To phrase it in common English, Crisis Core starts at the end of the “Mu Era”, and Before Crisis starts at the beginning of the “Nu Era”.

      They never explain the reason for the new era name, but my guess would be that the Shinra Company enacted a year zero when they defeated Wutai.

    • jack
      jack 14 November, 2009, 10:08

      That seems needlessly convoluted on the creators’ part. I wonder why they would do that, especially since people are going to be confused as to when exactly CC takes place before FF7. I mean, the hardcore researchers will know but the average gamer won’t.

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      In the same way that Greenland is an Island. It’s not big enough to be a continent unto itself just yet.

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    Awesome job Hito. These updates have been just pouring in. It’s lots of little information that’s been filling in the gaps, and giving a really detailed image of everything in the games. Thanks a ton!!!


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    2) In the Black Materia section, the text looks like is not formatted very well.

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    I really like the entries on Corneo’s mansion and Zack’s flirting.

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