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[ μ ] -εуλ

[ μ ] -εуλ is a symbol used to indicate the name of the era. [ μ ] indicates the name of the era, and the numbers following εуλ show the year. During the game, after [ μ ] -εуλ the era name changes to [ ν ] and the year is written [ ν ] -εуλ 0000.

The starting time of this game is [ μ ] -εуλ 2000, and for the other titles in the FFVII series the dates are as follows: [ ν ] -εуλ0001 for BC; [ ν ] -εуλ0007 for FFVII; [ ν ] -εуλ0009 for AC; and [ ν ] -εуλ0010 for DC.


Those created by Project G, and used to refers to Angeal and Genesis
(in a broader sense, it also includes Hollander, who had applied the
same treatment to himself during the game).

The Copy ability they possess is the influence of Jenova’s own
abilities to convert its target into a monster by implanting it with a
virus it generates within its own body, and to mimic the form of
people the target knows through reading their memories and emotions.
However, as the Jenova cells are not fixed in their bodies, a G-Type
SOLDIER will succumb to degradation symptoms as time passes.

Final Chapter of LOVELESS

The final chapter of LOVELESS is lost, with only a single line
remaining: Nothing shall forestall my return. Even if the morrow is
barren of promises.
The biggest mystery is what happened to the world after
receiving the Gift of the Goddess, and differing opinions are rife
among researchers of LOVELESS.

In Scene 10-10 Genesis’ feather adds to the final chapter the line,

To become the dew that quenches the land. To spare the sands, the
seas, the skies. I offer thee this silent sacrifice.

However, this is a line that Genesis thought up himself and is not official. The final chapter he wrote revealed that he decided, after being defeated by Zack and regain his pride as a SOLDIER, to protect the planet himself because, with Sephiroth and Angeal now deceased, he seems to have concluded that it was up to him to protect the planet. Additionally, the ‘sea’ seems to hint at the flooded chamber where Genesis is confined in DC.

Interpretation of LOVELESS

Both in the world of the story and in the real world, people can
interpret the contents of LOVELESS in various ways. The following is
some of the answers we received from the development staff regarding
some interpretations of LOVELESS.

“Genesis likened himself to ‘the hero’ from LOVELESS, and by fighting
Zack attempted to ‘reenact LOVELESS’. In doing so, he hoped to receive
the ‘Gift of the Goddess’.

By fighting Zack, Genesis regained his pride as a SOLDIER, and is freed from the fear of death or degradation. This is because, as he has the wish to fulfil his duty as a SOLDIER, he reached a state where he no longer worried about degradation or death. In other words, through his fight with Zack, Genesis realised that his role wasn’t that of ‘the hero’ from LOVELESS, but by accepting the role of ‘the prisoner’ he received the ‘Gift of the Goddess’.

Therefore, it would be his ‘pride as a SOLDIER’, the impetus for his shift of values, which was the ‘Gift of the Goddess’ to Genesis. ‘Pride as SOLDIER’ is a concept which symbolizes Angeal’s will, so [I] concluded that Zack, who had inherited Angeal’s will, was the ‘Gift of the Goddess’ for Genesis.

To digress a bit, but a line from LOVELESS (‘one took flight’, ‘one became a prisoner’, ‘one became a hero’), based on the interpretation of Angeal being the one who took flight and Genesis as the prisoner, it links to the line Zack murmurs at the end: ‘Do you think that I became a hero?'”

Reenactment of LOVELESS

What Genesis was trying to reenact in the Light of Demise in the Banora Underground was the duel between the friends from the forth chapter of LOVELESS, with himself as “the hero”, Zack as “the prisoner”, the goddess statue as “the goddess”, and the red orb as “the Gift of the Goddess”. By reenacting this, Genesis had believed that he would be given the Gift of the Goddess, and be saved from the hideous degradation phenomenon.

Also, in Scene 10-05 Zack says to Genesis, “Does this mean…you knew…from the beginning?”, meaning “were you working to reenact LOVELESS from the start?” However, when the game begins Genesis wasn’t actually consciously trying to reenact LOVELESS in particular, and it was in chapter 5, when he learns that he won’t be able to cure his degradation with Hollander, that he starts to work towards the reenactment of LOVELESS in order to gain the Gift of the Goddess.

* ‘The Light of Demise’ seems to be the name for the area where you fight Genesis at the end.


Jenova cells which Hojo treated with a special process for use with the Sephiroth Copies. From the initial “S” and the fact that the cells are used in the Sephiroth Copy experiments, it is surmised that they
are related to Sephiroth’s own cells. Within the game, Genesis believed that his degradation can be halted if he obtains these cells and injects them into his body, but in actuality when a Copy took in the cells, rather than being cured, the process is sped up. However, the cells used then were Zack’s, and it was not attempted with Sephiroth’s pure S-Cells or Cloud’s, which were considered pure.

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  3. WTF? Why don’t you guys translate the “park date” scene. This is bias Cloti BS at its best. What? TOO AFRAID to admit that Cloud and Aerith went on a date. Does that ruin your love Cloti since Cloud and Tifa have been on absolutely 0?…

    nah Im just kidding, it’s me Quexinos :monster:

    Good job with this Hito. I appreciate the hard work ^_^ I also love that Zack and Aerith pic on the cover, it’s sooo cute ^_^

    • Crisis Core starts in [ μ ] – εуλ 2000, Before Crisis starts in [ ν ] – εуλ 0001.

      To phrase it in common English, Crisis Core starts at the end of the “Mu Era”, and Before Crisis starts at the beginning of the “Nu Era”.

      They never explain the reason for the new era name, but my guess would be that the Shinra Company enacted a year zero when they defeated Wutai.

      • That seems needlessly convoluted on the creators’ part. I wonder why they would do that, especially since people are going to be confused as to when exactly CC takes place before FF7. I mean, the hardcore researchers will know but the average gamer won’t.

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    rofl I love the blurb about the “portable terminals” and the radio towers that somehow still work. that is some GREAT service! I mean, being able to get messages while in a cave/basement, after your phone has been soaking in mako for 4 years? I think I want a portable terminal.

  7. Awesome job Hito. These updates have been just pouring in. It’s lots of little information that’s been filling in the gaps, and giving a really detailed image of everything in the games. Thanks a ton!!!


    • ROTFL. Well..he learned it from Zack apparently.

      Hell, if all it takes is going to a park and talking to someone to count it as a date, what the hell does that make the whole Lifestream sequence between Cloud and Tifa? :mon:

  8. Thankyou very much for all your hard work, Hito. It’s good to have you back.

    But I want to point two things:

    1) IIRC Yuffie’s father is named Godo, not Goto.

    2) In the Black Materia section, the text looks like is not formatted very well.

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