FFXV script and lore archive complete

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With the start of EXP Con 2017 — where FFXV’s voice director and four main voice actors will appear — little more than a week away, now is the perfect time to announce that the promise has been fulfilled: The script section of The Lifestream’s Final Fantasy XV lore archive is now complete!

In addition, we’ve also added a FFXV Universe timeline to the archive, constructed from information found in the FFXV Scenario Side Ultimania, the in-game bestiary, and other sources.

Though the rest of this archive was compiled, written and translated (where applicable) by yours truly, the timeline was compiled almost entirely by a fan going by the moniker of “TougherThanKnuckles,” who felt our nearly comprehensive tome was missing something. Once the point was raised, I had to agree. So a big thanks to TougherThanKnuckles for providing their fellow fans (i.e. all of us) with this valuable addition.

Others who I want to make sure are visibly credited for offering their assistance and time (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot; please see the “Special Thanks” at the bottom of most pages within the archive for more on their wonderful contributions to this endeavor) include:

– lithiumkatana17
– BlindingAwesomeness
– Superespresso
– Rifza Gamer
– LeilaLucinia
– TrainerRed
– JasonTandro

Finally, I want to recognize The Lifestream member cold_spirit as the recipient of the dedication for this archive. I had long since decided I was retired from this kind of work as a fan, but when I noticed cold_spirit was missing an entry from the Cosmogony for a FFXV lore document they were working on (the very first of its kind!), I wanted to help. Somehow, that one night spent scouring gameplay videos to track down this missing morsel of text turned into the enormous archive you see before you. It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating, mostly fun, always enlightening journey. Thanks for the flame you lit, cold_spirit — you were sort of my Ifrit here (lame lore reference for the win!).

And with that, construction of our Final Fantasy XV lore archive is pretty much complete. At least for now.

There will inevitably and certainly be more additions. That is the intention, in fact. Once “Final Fantasy XV: Comrades” sees release at the end of this month, the archive will instantly be incomplete once again. Likewise when we finally get our hands on “Episode Ignis” in December. These upcoming additions to the FFXV Universe will find their way into the archive as well when the time comes, and I am certainly looking forward to it.

For now, though, I’m just looking forward to EXP Con, and a little rest.

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